Focus and Choice

I listened to a podcast this morning in which these two words were the theme. The message was simple enough: what you want you need to focus all your efforts and make a choice to do so. On the surface it seems a bit repetitive – if you have decided on a goal and are focusing all of your efforts would it not make sense that you made that choice? One would think so, but sadly it is not always the case.

Let me give you an example. James has the goal to get a new job. He is focused on this new job: he has defined the job he wants, he has written out his goals, he had his resume professionally written (subtle, I know) and he has started networking. It sounds as though he is making the choice to move forward. He is focused on this goal, but are all his actions supporting his focus? He has a great new resume, but he is not sending them out. He is meeting several new people networking but is not following up with any of them. You see he is focused but his choices are not supporting his goals. So in this instance, yes you can have focus but not make appropriate choices.

Choices are actions. Without action goals are dreams that have no substance. I love dreams – they are wonderful, inspiring, motivating and fun. There are times that I take a break, relax and let my mind dream. Some are silly and adventurous – one day I want to jump out of an airplane (strapped to a professional who is wearing earplugs to drown out the sound of my screams and who has complete control of our safe landing) another is I want to take my best friend to Chicago for a girls weekend full of shopping, taking in a play and enjoying good food and lots of wine. Some of my dreams are what I consider more serious. I want to become certified as a Sign Language Interpreter, I want my dogs to be trained, I want to complete further certification for my vocation, and I want to give seminars to a specific new target audience. For these dreams I have action plans and steps to take to achieve them.

But until I put those steps in motion all of those things listed above are dreams. One or two I have begun to make the choice to put action in motion. For the others, they will stay in my dream world until I am ready to conquer the next dream. The important part is I know what I am focused on and have made the continual, dedicated choice to move forward every day in support of my dream.

My question for the day is this: are you making the choice to support your focus?

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