Football and Job Searching

jake tackleI love football, almost as much as I love baseball. I grew up a sports girl. One of my mother’s favorite stories is about Glenn Fry. One day we were driving and he had just released his first single. My mom turned to me and said, “Did you know that he used to be with the Eagles?” I replied (without missing a beat I might add), “I didn’t know he played football.” I was serious.

What’s even better than watching the boys play football is watching the parents. Now, I’m not a quiet Mom, I try, but I normally end up yelling “Hit somebody Jake/Jesse” before we are out of the first quarter. I said I try!

Football is a responsibility it takes effort, time, practice and dedication. It is also all on them. I have nothing to do with their success on that field, I’m just there to support them. Coaches can teach, I can preach, but when it all comes down to it, only the boys can decide what they are going to do. After hearing a father tell his son that he screwed up on several plays and the only reason he did well on one thing was because the dad taught him how to do it. Oh, seriously. I tell my boys I cannot take credit for your successes nor can I take blame for your failures.

Same with your job search. It can take time, a lot of effort, practice and you need to be dedicated to your goal. And when things are not going so well, are you quick to become bitter or blame others for your “failures”? And are they really failures, or simply learning opportunities…. Jake got burned on a kickoff, simply burned. He watched the receivers, not gauging the ball. But he learned, then next kickoff, he nailed the guy on the five yard line. Quick study.

I know it is hard – I have been there. I went through the anger, frustration, resentment, blaming, anxiety – the whole gambit. One thing I learned is there is a lot in my control. Mainly, my attitude. Instead of blaming someone else, whether it be a company or individual, for my position in life I tried looking at options. And when I did not get a position, I sucked up my pride and went back to see how I could improve for the next go round.

If that was my lot in life, what was I going to do about it? And how can I possibly preach one thing to my son and blame everyone else for my situation? A shut down, a lay off, an unfair hiring – whatever it is, and I say this with all due respect, we all have our burdens and tough breaks. Did you get up this morning? Hot damn, you are a head of the game!

So, get your resume in order, get your elevator speech down, get your business cards printed, get your attitude adjusted and go do the best you can. Some days you will be disappointed and rejected – you are going to get faked out. But other days you will make progress and eventually be to the place you want to be, because you got yourself there. Right there on the five yard line when the kid catches the ball and doesn’t call for the fair catch. Not in spite of anyone or because someone else handed you something, but because you worked for it. The hardest part to work on and get in order – your attitude. But that, my friend, is entirely in your control.

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