Free Will

“I want to go after that job”

“I want to apply for that promotion”

“I want to change careers”


I want, I want, I want….


So did you send in your resume?

Did you talk to your boss?

Have you researched the new career or updated your resume?


No.  Why?


“I can’t”


Wrong answer.


What you are really saying is you chose not to.  You choose not to apply for that job, you choose not to go after the promotion and you choose not to move out of your current situation.  Your choice.


You may not get that job, or promotion or even crack into a new career but without making an effort you are guaranteed not to.  So you are choosing to fail by not taking action.


Making an effort into the unknown is scary; it is chalk full of the possibility of rejection – and no one likes rejection.  Fear of rejection is an equivalent to “I can’t”  You can – but you choose not to.


So when someone else gets the job or promotion do not look in regret or envy, remember, you chose not to and therefore you gave permission for that other person to take your thunder.  Your choice.


The next time you really want something and that little voice inside says “I can’t” remember it is really you that is saying “I choose not to” – it puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it?

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