Getting Just A Little More Than You Expected

Two of the pack Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW, Career Polish, Inc.
Luke & Brutus
So yesterday I told the story of timing and bringing Bandit back home, but there was one little fact I left out – I brought back a little more than I expected. Brutus. My pack is now up to five. My best friend Jackie said I had to stop because if I needed two hands to count my dogs then I would officially cross over into crazy lady zone.

I couldn’t help it! While I was finishing my paperwork for Bandit in walked this young man and said he found this pup under a car the night before. I looked over and saw the cutest, tiniest version of one of my dogs that I just looked at the kid, sighed, and said, “Oh, just hand him over” and that is how Brutus came home.

It hit me when I walked in my house that bringing home a miniature dog might not have been the best idea since I already had a very hyper year old boxer-lab mix, Luke, who is FULL of energy. Maybe he would squash the puppy or accidently swallow him. Luke’s favorite toy is Lexi, the puggle, he loves to chew on her and they happily tear at each other throughout the day. It was quite possible Luke would swallow Brutus if he tried the same thing, or at the very least snap him in half. And then there could have been the issue of a big dog not liking such a small dog.

As you can tell from the picture, I have no worries. Luke is in seventh heaven. To him, I just brought home two more playmates, and one is a real life toy. Not only did he like him, he loves him. At best I was hoping for acceptance but with the two new additions, I got so much more. What is the saying, hope for the best prepare for the worst?

As it is Friday I encourage you to look back at this week and find one thing that was a happy surprise, it doesn’t have to be anything huge, maybe just something as small as the perfect cup of coffee. I think sometimes we are so frustrated that when we look for something good we look for something big – we get confused. Now, having five dogs that all get along, that is big. But that is not the only good of my week. I also had a lovely surprise after the NAWBO Connections this week.

And that lovely surprise turned out to be more than I expected, as well. Looking back at my week, good and bad, I have decided the good outweighs the bad so I am going to celebrate. I will be finishing early today to go enjoy the Indiana State Fair, even though it is Purdue day, I’m an IU grad and I am going with a Purdue grad – this should be fun! I’ll be making up some lost time tomorrow, but for tonight, I think I will just simply enjoy a wonderful evening and be thankful that I have more than I expected.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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