Going From There to Here

I went to a grand opening of my friend’s store today.


First of all, I have to give a shameless plug for her – it is an amazing concept and store.  It is called Bath Junkie and they have lotions, room sprays, bath stuff, dog stuff, shower stuff – all kinds of stuff but that’s not the best part.  You create your own scent and color.  No more trying different lotions to see if you like the scent – you create it!  No more every lotion you own is blah yellow or pink!  It is amazing and awesome and you really must go!  It is in Carmel City Center and you will probably see me there…a lot.


I now have a bottle of “Lisa’s Lotion” on my desk in a lovely lavender with my favorite scent: Sandalwood, also mixed with a little Feng Shui.  Love, love, love it!!!


Anyway…I am very excited for her and we started talking about marketing.  She spent about 20 with a company before venturing on her own and she was their marketing maven.  But this is different; this is her own place now.


As we were talking I mentioned a couple of things and she would say, “Oh, yeah, I did that for my last job.”


So often we are used to doing certain tasks in our old job that we can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to applying those skills to another area or even ourselves.


We forget that they are values that we bring as an individual; which leads to forgetting how to sell those to prospective employers.


That is where having a buddy comes into play.  You really need someone that you can talk to about what you did and how you did it so they can help you see it from a new perspective.  Ideally, yes, you should hire me; however, in a pinch a good friend will do.


But not just any friend.  You don’t want the friend who looks at your resume and says, “It looks nice” but cannot tell you what you did or give you constructive criticism.  The “nice” friend is worthless for this exercise.  You need someone to challenge you, to ask you to explain to help you see beyond your old walls.


My best friend is great at reviewing certain items I write and giving me positive push-back.  I also have another friend who is not so delicate when he critiques; but I know it is out of love so I check my ego at the door.    Of course if he gets too mean then I can do the pouty face and my choice for dinning!


The point is we get so engrained in where we were that we forget how to utilize those amazing skills to move to where we want to be.  Having an outside perspective can help you start to re-connect with the value you can bring to the organization.  If nothing else you might be able to swing plans your way!



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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