Half Full, Half Empty or Room For More Juice?

I saw a blurb for a story on a ticker today that said something about better job news for the President but unemployment is sill rising.  So, good for the President but not the unemployed?  So is it a glass half full, half empty or just room for more juice type situation?


So often in job searching people can get really run down by hearing all the bad news and pessimistic outlooks.  In watching the news, reading the paper or online things can just look overwhelmingly depressing.  This then begins to permeate their attitude and attitude dictates action.




I’m not saying to completely stop watching the news, although it might be an interesting experiment to do so for a short period of time.  It is amazing how much your mood improves without all that negativity.


Stop giving it so much credence.  Remember two things about the news:  bad is good and general stories are like horoscopes.


Bad news is good profits.  Rarely do we see happy, shiny stories on the front page and every page thereafter because bad news sells and makes more money.  Oh every once in a while we will see heartwarming stories in the news; unfortunately more often than not the stories are negative.


Seriously, look at who the media are now vaulting into celebrity status.  Many of these people if I saw them on the street and they asked to pet my dogs I would respectfully decline.  Ok, not nice but you get my point.


The other factor to consider is general news stories are like horoscopes.  Do you realize that your horoscope is applicable to every single person under your sign – not just in your town, city, state but the country – heck the world.


My horoscope today said: “You have found meaning in some new aspect of your work or personal life, and it’s driving you toward even greater success. Use today’s wild energy to take a risk and go for even more!”


So all the Virgos in the world have wild energy and should go for more and are now inspired.  Interesting.  Apparently my dogs are not Virgos because they are all sleeping and are completely uninspired.


My point is this: it is fine to hear the news and naysayers but don’t listen to them.  Choose to be positive, choose to believe the right job is out there for you and you are taking the right steps to make that connection.  Choose your attitude which will drive your actions which will result in your successes.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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