Holiday Networking: Make it Simple, Make it Brief and Don’t Make it All About You

new years pictureDecember is typically a great month full of even more opportunities to get together with friends, family and business associates.  With the holidays driving the month most get-togethers are centered on appreciation for those we know, the blessings in our life and an excuse to get out a bit more and have fun.


Christmas parties, holiday parties, Hanukah parties it does not matter – the underlying reason for the get together is the spirit of the season.


That does not mean there is not an opportunity to network, oh no, there are even more opportunities to network.  However, when most activities are holiday driven the approach should be adjusted just a bit.


The spirit and season is about giving and sharing.


Therefore, your networking speech should be tightened up just a bit to make it less about you and more about others.


Instead of your normal 30 second “here is all my value” speech, try to condense it to about 10 seconds and then translate to the spirit of the event.


Personally in response to what I do I could respond, “I help people get noticed to get hired, which could be a great Christmas present.”


Just for the record, there always seems to be that lingering political correctness over Christmas/Holiday thing going on so try not to focus on that so much and focus more on the meaning.


In my personal opinion and experience people do not get offended if you say Christmas rather than holiday if the context is about the joy of the season or wishing them health, happiness and blessings.


Instead of the typical follow up questions during networking – the “what is your target market, is there anyone I can introduce you to blah, blah, blah – try asking something in the spirit of the season.


For example, you could inquire if there are any special family traditions that they will be doing this year, or what was their favorite tradition they did as a kid that they will be doing with their kids/grandkids or even state that you are always looking for new seasonal recipes – do they have any favorite that they could share.


Yes, you are networking; but you are also there to celebrate the season so relax and enjoy yourself, be yourself and don’t make it all about you.


Make those connections and be sure to tell people that you would love to follow up with them to find out more about what they do and how you can help them, but right now how about offering them another cup of eggnog?



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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