Holidays – An Excuse to Eat Lots of Chocolate and NOT Job Search? Are You Kidding Me?

Eat the chocolate and keep networking!!!

I love chocolate. Really, really love it, the darker the better! Apparently I love it so much that my son caught on – it was his second word (Cho-ket) right after “Dada” – only because his dad was determined that would be his first word. Not me, I did not feel the need for him to have Mama as one of his first words – I knew the day would come (as it is now) and all I would here is an exasperated “Moooommmmm”. Oh yes, and the Thanksgiving when he was about 6 and we were watching Jeopardy and he got the whole chocolate category right! I am such a proud Mama! We are definitely a chocolate family.

So I am so happy for the holidays – chocolate everywhere! Yum Yum. But here is the thing, we must learn moderation. We cannot be expected to eat chocolate all day long and three healthy meals a day. So I simply cut out a meal or two in favor of the chocolate. Don’t knock holiday chocolate Santas for breakfast! Match it with a Dew and I’m in heaven! Hey, I didn’t say it was healthy, but it is my choice so just leave it at that. We all have choices so if you prefer the healthy thing, more power to you.

Speaking of choices, I have to say that the choice that I have heard from some to not pursue job opportunities during the holidays strikes me as strange. (Yes, I know, coming from a woman who likes chocolate Santas and Mountain Dew for breakfast). I have had individuals tell me that most companies stop hiring during the holidays so they just are not going to look. Well, ok then. That is like saying all chocolate is too sweet – which I beg to differ. Taste white chocolate, milk chocolate then dark chocolate – it’s all so different (and yummy!). If you are over the chocolate references then here is one for you – it is like saying all Aerosmith/Steven Tyler songs are loud pitched guitar ramblings. Have you ever heard his duet Smile with Chris Botti? Awesome. And so is Aerosmith by the way.

Yes, some companies slow down or do not hire during the holidays but that does not mean you should sit on your laurels and eat chocolate all day! (Had to put in another one!) My goodness, this is a great time to be out networking – all the holiday get togethers, holiday offerings and specials throughout towns and cities all over! Spruce your self up, get out there and enjoy the holidays and meeting new people! Network on a whole new level, find out more about the people you are meeting, complain about Black Friday together, plot to take over the corner table together – just have fun! Do not give up just because you heard that some companies are not hiring. Some of my good friends in the placement side of the business told me they are having awesome quarters this year so there are jobs out there. So go have fun, go eat lots of chocolate and remember, be thankful!

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