How Do You Connect, Re-Connect and Maintain – Let Them Know You Care

We have so many types of relationships in our lives – family, friends, lovers, co-workers, prospects, clients, old acquaintances and old contacts – and each has their own dynamics, challenges, positives and obstacles.


Some are hard to maintain, some are easy, some are confusing, some are comfortable and some are unchartered waters.  There are times that we want to increase our business, gain more clients, get closer to certain people, build bridges, strengthen bonds but we over think it and don’t know where to start.  It can be overwhelming, but that just means you are over-thinking it.


It is simple – people just want to know you care.


That’s it kids – that is the key to relationships whether they be work or personal.


Now this minor point is something to build on, of course.  In business relationships it is also important that you care about what you do, how you do it and that builds on caring about your customers and how you treat them.


Let me give a great example of care.  If you are new I have a pack of dogs and have always had dogs.  There are oodles of Veterinarians around me but I will never go to any other Vet than mine.  Ever.


Four years ago I lost two dogs within a short time period – one to caner the other to seizers.  They sent me a sympathy plant.  My Vet – for my dog.


When one of the pack has an ear infection I take them in, get them cleaned up, get their meds and the next day or so I get a call.  Every time.  The office calls to check on the pup, how they are doing, if the ears are clearing up, if there has been anything else and if I have any questions.  Every time.


When it is recheck time I get a personal post card in the mail of the dog in question.  Their own little personal post card.  As a dog lover I love it every time.


The read up on the files before I get there so if one of them has put on a little weight they tell them what a big boy he is for packing on a few pounds.


You can tell every member of that office loves animals, respects the bonds between owners and pets and cares about the people as much as the dog.  That is why I will NEVER go to another Vet.


I know they care.


They have never said, “we care about you and your pet” – they don’t have to, their actions speak volumes.  I don’t’ want a company telling me they care about me, I want to see it and feel it.


Here is the wining combination: love what you do, do it well and care about the people you serve and you will always have a very loyal fan base.  Pretty simple – just let people know you care.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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