How I Eliminated Unprofessional LinkedIn Posts from My News Feed


Yesterday I wrote an article providing insight as to possible negative consequences of posting and ‘unprofessional’ posts on LinkedIn and distinguishing among those posts. The article also described the possible negative consequences of responding in an unkind or angry manner to these types of posts.

It was a balanced article for both those that post and those that respond. It did not throw stones, merely an opportunity to learn the reasons behind why it could be a bad idea to post and respond unprofessionally.

After seeing this morning’s fed with upset and angry posts about keeping LinkedIn professional in the form of blanket statements and graphics, I realized I was selfish.

Here I was, posting a long article about the whys and offering suggestions on positive actions for change when right here in my own little head I had the solution -but I did not share it!

My apologies for being so greedy with this little tidbit.

It is easy and fast and could help a lot of people; literally anyone on LinkedIn can do it!

It is how I took control of my news feed!

Ready? Let’s do this!

Click on the down arrow on the upper right hand of the offender’s post, then:

a. “Hide this particular update” – or –

b. “Unfollow Contact Name”

The post is gone! The beauty is it takes less time to perform two clicks than rally against.

Just speaking for me, rants do not work. Angry general blanket statements to an entire network do not work.

I have never changed my behavior because someone put out a directive or angry broadcast about how a particular type of behavior was a bad, bad thing.

I change my behavior because I am either educated to make a different choice or I make the decision on my own to do so.  It is my responsibility.

Just for the heck of it, check out the article mentioned above. Share it with offenders, it might help educate them as to the damage they could potentially cause their professional image. Share it with responders, it might provide some insight as to how one could be perceived in responding in a less than calm way.

Here is the link: But WHY Shouldn’t You Post or Respond to Personal Items on LinkedIn?

One last food for thought – the CEO of LinkedIn recently posted what could be called a political post. It was of a political figure accompanied with his personal comment. I did not see one single person rally against him telling him to “keep it professional”.

This solution works for me. I like stories about victories whether personal or professional, scroll through cute animal pictures, skim over the math problems and hide posts I do not want to see.  I hid quite a few today!  All in a few short clicks.

Be a positive agent of change. Take charge of your own news feed with two simple clicks. Focus on the contacts that provide value to you, your clients and your business and how you can provide value to them.


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