How To Make That Change

workWhile this seems like a vague title, it is intentional.


I am in the business of change.  I work with individuals to change something in their present situation.  In a general sense you could say I am a brand manager.


For those looking for a new position or advancement in their career I work with them on their resume, LinkedIn, interviewing, networking: everything leading to the change in jobs.


For business owners and teams I work with them on LinkedIn, business bios, networking and anything that helps engage their prospects or building their business.


I help every individual identify or clarify their brand and learn how to communicate that to the appropriate audience.


For each client it takes work; on both sides.


That is exactly what it takes to make any change: work.


Most people look at work as a dirty four letter word.  Not me – I see it as a positive, invigorating motivation.


If you want a change; whether it is a new job, a better job, new business, more prospects, better engagement, to master a skill, to take up a new hobby, to increase your social circle it takes work.


And here is the work that will work for you:








You have to identify the want.  What do you really want and why?



What is the situation around you, what is present and what is not?  What are any opportunities available for you and what are available if you make a change?



What is to be gained?  What is the first small step and reward and what is the one after?  Set goals and know when you have reached them, use them to motivate you to the next step.  It is not a stagnate process and end-all point.  Rewards are continual as long as you keep going.



Sometimes this is the best result of work – the knowledge.  Learning about yourself, a new industry, a new hobby, what worked, what didn’t, how you can use that going forward and learning about those around you.  Knowledge is power.


You make think you really want to make a change, but unless you are willing to identify and fulfill the work than you are dreaming.  Dreams are goals without a plan.  Dreams are illusionary and goals are tangible.  You can measure your progress toward a goal, you know when you receive a reward, when you accepted the knowledge, when you identify a new opportunity and fulfill a want.

Work is the method for change.


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


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