I Can’t Take One Step at a Time I Have a Marathon To Race Here!

drowning-in-messy-deskMy name is Lisa and I’m an unorganized organizational junky.

I am a freak about organization, I love watching videos about it, reading books, getting tips, listening to all the wonderful ways to completely organize your work, files, bills, food, house, kids, pets, life – anything you can lay your eyes on you can organize it. Love it!

Then add to that the practice of feng shui – total junkie. The removal of clutter, the balancing of all the elements, the peace, serenity, positive environment – just makes me all giddy inside.

Don’t do it, but I love it.

That is where the unorganized comes in. I get the process, understand the concepts and love the final look but to actually put that stuff in place – yeah, hasn’t happened.

Because I am completely overwhelmed by the most important step – getting started.

My problem is that I get all hyped up on feng shui ideas and organizational zest then I look up and see the room, closet, cabinet or whatever is right in front of me. And that is where the fun starts.

Let’s just take one example: my yard. Right now I could give the Clampetts a run for their money. I have weeds that are loving my flower beds, dandelions that are growing better than the grass, and mulch that has seen better days. That is just the front yard. The back is a total and absolute disaster.

I need to mow. My mower is still broken so I had to borrow my ex’s mower last night to mow today. I have to mow today because he wants it back tonight. That helps. But then there is the weed problem. I want to make the homemade weed killer that is not dangerous for animals – besides my pack running crazy in the back yard I have a whole host of critters visiting the front.

To make the homemade weed killer I have to make sure I have the right vinegar. Will any vinegar do, what is the right combination, now I will have to do some more research on the internet. To do that I need to find a notebook to take notes. Once I find the notebook I have to clean off my desk so I have room to write. Once I get the right formula and ingredients I need to find the sprayer.

But to do that I have to clean out the garage. To clean out the garage I need to get my car out of there. Once I get the car out then I have to empty everything out of the garage so I can figure out what is in there and what I can remove. Hoffa is probably in there somewhere for all I know.

To clean out the garage I also need to get heavy duty trash bags. I need to go to the store. If I go to the store I also need to get a weed eater. I have to use that in the back before I can cut because it is so high there is risk of killing the ex’s new lawnmower and that would not make him happy. Before I run to the store I need to clean out my car so I can fit stuff in my car.

Do you see what a horrible cycle this is? Don’t even get me started on doing spring clean laundry and not being able to because I have to find the ladder to take it outside to clean out the birds next in the vent and go to the store to buy a contraption that is bird proof to keep them out of my vent. And the guilt of what if there are already babies in there? Would I be killing them? Wouldn’t that be bad karma? Wouldn’t I be running the risk of getting pecked to death by angry mommmy birds just for wanting to do laundry???

It is exhausting in my head.

But I know it starts with a step. Step one: cut the front grass. I have to return a lawnmower.

Having a deadline or demand helps take that one step.

All of the above holds true for writing your resume. Wanting to update the whole thing, not knowing where to start, how to make it all flow, what information to use, what not to use, how to communicate, how long should it be – it is an overwhelming process.

Normally a resume does not get done until someone asks for it. Then the words (or something similar) “oh crap” immediately come to mind. Now you have to get it done.


Before that deadline comes up – just take it one step – or section – at a time.

Start with one job. Go back and write everything you did at that job. I don’t care if it is relevant or not, just write it down. The more you write the more you will remember. Write it in your own words, don’t try to write “resume” language, it will only frustrate you.

Once you have it in your own words then you can go back and edit, revise and tweak. Think about what is important to the next step you are trying to achieve. What is important to them, what do they need and how do you meet that need?

Then you can go to another job. Do the same process. Start with getting it all out of your head, then you can go back and modify.

Then you can move on to the opening statement. Now that you have completed all the jobs you have found the rhythm and important selling points of you. This is the time to start putting together clear, concise statements that outline and support what you have already written.

Once you have done that then you can go back and make it pretty. Picking fonts, bullet points etc to create a visual aspect that you like.

Approaching it one step at a time, one baby step at a time, will help you be able to put all the pieces together to have your resume ready for when you really need it.

Now it is time to take my own advice. Time to go cut the front grass. Oh crap, my neighbor is cutting his, time to do the mow of shame….

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

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