I Installed a Chandelier In My Bathroom

I told this to my best friend this weekend and her response was: “interesting”.  That is best friend code for: “I’m not sure if you have lost your mind or you have a plan and this is just one part so eventually it will make sense.”  It eventually made sense.


Let me take a step back to paint the full picture.


I was featured in an article by Nancy LaFever about staying positive while you wait for a resume response.  To read the full article, click here: 11 Ways To Stay Confident While You Wait For a Resume Response.


One tip that was not included was do things just for you that are not work related.


This weekend I had fully planned on redoing my office.  I have tons of little things that just need tending to so I was planning on diving in full force and clearing the clutter, organizing the paperwork, catching up on miscellaneous things etc.  And I want to repaint and redecorate it.


My best friend also said I paint like other people buy shoes.  Notice she said other people, because I have a thing about shoes and if she compared my painting to my shoe thing then I would single-handedly be keeping Sherman Williams in business.


That was the plan: the office.  But Saturday morning as I was brushing my teeth I realized I really did not like my master bathroom.  It is functional and all, but I just didn’t like it.  So I decided to change it – to what I want.


So I ripped down the huge mirror about the sink, removed the ugly lights that hung above it and took out all the bathroom stuff.  Then I painted the cabinet a bright crisp white and the walls a granite grey.  I then built three corner shelves and a floating shelf – which I pained all the same white.  I hung art work, the shelving, a decorative mirror, sconces on either side of that and placed a few select items.  Then I remembered I had a chandelier.


I just had someone replace my kitchen light removing the chandelier; I watched him do it and it seemed really easy.  It is.  So I refurbished my chandelier and now it is in the center of my spa bathroom.  My spa bathroom – ahhhh, that feels so nice to say.  My spa bathroom with a chandelier that makes perfect sense in the entire décor.


This morning my office is still a mess but every time I go into my bathroom I feel happy.  This morning I have also been kicking butt in getting a lot done.  I think my happy bathroom is spilling over to my work mode – I’m just happy all over.


I needed to do something just for me that was not work or family related.  Something that was my own project just for myself just to make me happy.  I had to be selfish.


When you are in job search mode you can get really entrenched in the networking, searching an preparation.  It is a full time job looking for a job but remember, every full time job has some time off.


It is important to take time off and be selfish.  You need that selfish time, you need to pamper yourself.  Sometimes I pamper myself by doing room renovations and building things.  Sometimes it is taking the dogs somewhere different for a walk and enjoying nature.  Or it could be going to Dairy Queen and sitting outside with my ice cream like a little kid.  But I still take time to pamper myself.


When you are giving 100% to a goal it is important that you balance your drive with positive downtime.  It helps you maintain balance, focus and clarity.   And don’t feel guilty about it.


Pampering and self-indulgence is nothing to feel guilty about – as long as it is not the primary behavior.  You deserve it so therefore there is nothing to feel guilty about.  If you still have guilt twinges then think back to the previous week and the things you accomplished.  There, now you have a reason to celebrate.


When you pamper let go of the guilt and enjoy it.  Don’t worry about having to explain it to anyone – this is all about you.  I do not have to explain my bathroom décor to anyone – it is my bathroom and I now love it.  If anyone happens to be in my master bathroom and they have something other than positive about it, then there are two other ones they can go visit.


This week think about how you want to pamper yourself and take a day, or wait to the weekend, and just do it.  Recharge your batteries and enjoy it – you deserve it!



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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