I Want It And I Want It Now

Patience has never been one of my strongest attributes.  When my brother was in college, I was in middle or high school, he had a t-shirt made for me which was the character Calvin screaming out, “I want it NOW”.  Talk about a subtle hint…


Having children has helped me become more patient and recognize the practicality and need for patience.  However, there are still often times that I want something and, quite frankly, I want it now.


This makes it very easy to empathize with my clients during their job search.  They want that new job and they want it now.  They do not want to have to go through the whole process of job searching, interviewing, networking – they just want to work…now.


I am also a big believer in things happening for a reason.  There is a reason you didn’t get that job, that another ended, that certain events happen – there is always a reason.  My biggest problem, personally, is I always want to know what the reason is, why these things happen.


Again, this helps me in working with my clients.  Doesn’t always do a lot for me personally, but that is another story.


So when I am working with a client who is suffering from the “want it now” syndrome the one thing that helps them the most is knowing the process is the reason for the delay.


Working through your resume to really identify who you are, what value you have to offer, how to present yourself, how to connect to others and how to move on to a place that you truly want to be rather than just taking meandering steps is the reason.  Sometimes it is important to take a step back and do a thorough evaluation.


You may want it now but you may not be ready for it now.


It is important to look at where you have been, the decisions you made, the actions you took and how they all culminated into not only where you are now but who you are now.


Understanding your past doesn’t mean you are going to repeat it or that it is a bad thing – it is simply an evaluation and you can pick and choose the things that served you well and keep working on those.


Then take where you are and why.  Do you really want to keep on that path?  Are you happy?  What do you want, what makes you happy, what do you not like, what are you willing to change and accept?


Then take a look at where you want to go.  Once you get an idea of the ideals and begin to get excited about them you can easily merge all the information into a plan and be able to take charge of what you do and where you go.


Most are resistant to the process, mostly because it begins to expose their past actions or decisions and they may not want to admit that those may not have been in their best interest.


There is no judgment on your past – it made you who you are today so let go of the guilt and all the other confining thoughts and evaluate it in an open and accepting manner.  It is just one tool.


Often times my clients are a bit reluctant to adopt my views that this is a positive process; they understand it is necessary but it doesn’t mean they have to like it.  Having teenage boys helps me understand and work through this thinking…


But once we get that new resume the light shines, the doors open in their mind and they actually release themselves to accept and embrace who they are and where they want to go.  It is thrilling, amazing and the reason I do what I do.


It is fine to want something and want it now; however the reason that it is not happening could be that there are actions that must be completed before you can achieve and appreciate it.


If you find that you are being impatient because something is not happening the way you want in the timeframe that you want take it as a clue to step back and evaluate.  Are there any actions that you need to take that will clear the path to reach this goal?


Replace impatience with action and you might just find those things that you want start lining up for you.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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