I Want the Life of a Dog!

I want the life of a dog, I really do.  I have three dogs. On the surface you The Three Candidateswould think that all they do is sleep all day, sun their bellies in the sun and beg for food, which is what I want to do – except the beg for food thing.   At least this is what my fiancé thinks they do all day (and I won’t tell him, but ninety percent of the time, that pretty much sums it up!). He’s not a really big dog person, so quite frankly to keep the peace and show him the way of the dog, I had to convince him of their strengths and value to our little pack. Explain their different personalities, traits and well , reasons for not kicking them out of the house when they have an accident or make a sneak attack on his food.   How on earth does this relate to resumes, interviewing or job searching?   Wait for it….Know your strengths and be able to communicate them.

Your resume should give a good strong picture of who you are, what you want and what you bring to a company. When you are granted the interview, you might look similar to many other candidates. So you need to know your strengths and how to communicate them to a potential employer – what you can do for them.

For example, with my dogs. Micki is the guard dog (and main beggar/thief). She is fiercely protective and very intuitive. You would not think so by looking at her, but I have seen her go from pushover to monsterous guard dog on a dime just by a change in someone’s tone when speaking to me. Her strength is recognizing trends and patterns, good or bad, and acting swiftly and appropriately to increase opportunities or diffuse situations that could be difficult.

Misfit, well, she’s the comic relief and reminds us that everything can be exciting and brand new.  She runs in the backyard like it is the first time every time and bounces with so much energy and enthusiasm that you cannot help but smile.  Her strengths are being able to look at situations that are commonplace with a keen eye and fresh perspective. 

Charlie, well, my poor old Charlie.  He was diagnosed with brain lesions so he has some issues.  He mainly walks in circles (cannot do a straight line more than three steps) and tramples over the other dogs because he just can’t help it.  He has learned to cope by taking new paths so the next circle he does is a little wider and he can make it in the kitchen instead of doing another lap around the front room.  He’s also learned to duck his head to turn around in tight right circles because he, for some reason, can no longer turn left.  Charlie’s strengths are his longevity and commitment to the “company”, continually learning new skills to adapt and improve performance.

So you see, no matter who you are, your talents and strengths are there – you just have to let people know what they are and what they can do for them.  I hope this helps you, if nothing else, it has kept all three dogs in my house safe and now adopted by my fiancé.

Lisa K McDonald

Career Polish

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