I Would Rather Tend Bar

My brother was a genius, certifiably, literally a genius. He earned a full ride to college, earned his Masters at IU while teaching classes there and he could have done anything in the world he wanted to do.

After grad school he moved to Chicago and worked at the Chicago Board of Exchange. He hated it and went back to bartending. He had tended bar when he was in college and loved it and when he passed away he was doing what he loved to do.

There are many reasons that I was proud of my brother and him leaving the Exchange for a bar was just one of them. It could have been very easy to bow to external pressure and stay at the Exchange – good money, the reputation, a career path –but he chose to do what he loved instead he traded it for an uncertain income, no career path per say and a whole different work environment.

I think that took a lot of courage and not once do I ever remember him apologizing to anyone about his choice. It was his choice and there was no need to apologize. He might have had doubts but I never saw any, when you believe in something and truly love it you let go of the doubts and bank on the good that you know you will receive.

That’s love – yes, you could get hurt but then again you could be in for the ride of your life. Why place it safe? Why live your life based on what everyone else would deem as the “right” path or choice? It is so easy for others to sit back and make judgment calls because quite frankly if they are wrong they don’t have to pay the piper. Unless you have skin in the game I don’t think your vote should count for much.

If you are contemplating some move or change in your life tell the voices in your head to shut up, politely ignore the opinions of all those who are not vested and listen to your heart. The only one you have to reconcile with is yourself and if you follow your heart there will be no explanation needed.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Coach-Strategist
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Career Polish, Inc.

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