Identity Crises

I have three dogs; but to them I have one dog and two cats. Two of my dogs I honestly believe think they are cats, this would be Lexi and Luke. These two walk along the back and lay down on the arms of the couch, Lexi walks all along the railings of the deck; Luke scales the privacy fence and jumps on counters. Do they not know their place as dogs is on the ground?! I blame this all on Lexi as she is teaching Luke bad habits.

If that isn’t bad enough, one has a size identify issue. Luke, the puppy, the very big, goofy uncoordinated Lab/Boxer puppy, thinks he is the same size as the middle pup Lexi, a Puggle. This is indeed not the case – as you can tell from the picture. And Luke is only eight moonths old…

Lexi has some odd habits but I think I got used to them since I have had her for quite some time. It wasn’t until I saw Luke doing some of her tricks that I realized my dogs are crazy.

Sometimes we do things for so long that we become the habit. We start to believe what we hear or what we do and stop believing in ourselves. Maybe it is a job that you have had to take in the interim and you start questioning your ability to get back in the game. Maybe it is people in your life who don’t believe in your dreams as much as you do. Whatever it is, sometimes we just get stuck in habits. Then the habits can begin to define us. But once we recognize it then it becomes an option: we can choose to continue status quo or change our mindset to change the habit(s). It is all about choice.

I choose to let the dogs be crazy, I’ll admit it makes me laugh and who wants normal dogs anyway? I also choose to call a fence company this week to put up a taller privacy fence so the darn puppy doesn’t leap over the chain-link. And I choose to make sure there are no breakables on the counters….

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc

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  1. You do realize this a plot and plan…they are slowly training their owner to be just like they want her!!:)

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