I’m a Quitter

I will admit it; I have quit at many things over my lifetime.  I’m not done, either.  I am a quitter. 


I quit playing Horse with my son the day he could dunk.  That was just no fun anymore, well, it was for him.


I quit in relationships.  When I felt I was having the life sucked out of me, I quit. 


I quit jobs when I outgrew them.


I quit taking myself for granted or putting myself on the bottom of the list.


I quit trying to live up to other’s expectations.


I quit ignoring the little things around me.


I quit beating myself up with my failures.


I quit; over and over again, I quit.  This has led to a much healthier and happier life.


I am proud to say I am a quitter.


My son and I found other interests that we could enjoy together and continued to have great family time.


I was able to allow people who brought value into my life and have healthier relationships.


I learned new skills, grew in my abilities and increased my ability to add value to my clients.


I learned how to say no, take time for myself and grow stronger emotionally, mentally and physically.


I set my own expectations and learned to appreciate the uniqueness of myself.


I learned gratitude for all of the blessings, large and small in my life and the blessings increased and expanded.


I learned that each failure was actually a lesson; an opportunity for growth. 


We have such negative associations with words, isn’t it time that we break those rules?  Stop looking at seemingly negative events and actions as life-ending, catastrophic measures.  Perhaps if we could just change our perspective just a bit we could see that these events and actions are actually positive.


I quit on the things that no longer served me, that held me back from being able to be the best person, friend, mother and professional that I could be.  Those are the things that I quit. 


So yes, I am a quitter, and I am a better person for it.


Lisa K McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach & Brand Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer


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