I’m Not Done

I love my clients; every single one has a uniqueness and amazing quality that just makes me feel so fortunate that they have allowed me to assist them in some way along their journey.


This morning I had an interviewing coaching session with a client and in discussing various approaches, answers and his history I told him that he could summarize his mantra with “I’m not done.”  He absolutely epitomizes this sentiment.  At 55 he earned his Masters and at 60 he is earning an advanced Human Resource designation.  He truly feels he is never done learning, growing and taking challenges.


He inspires me and as soon as the mantra crossed my lips I knew it was something to strive for personally.


In reality none of us are really ever done.


I’m not done learning – I can always learn more about my craft, my interests, my loved ones.

I’m not done growing – except physically.  I peaked at height at the third grade I believe and well, that’s just not going to change.

I’m not done giving – I can still give more to my clients, to my business partners, to those I love and my community.

I’m not done forgiving – myself and others which will allow more room for more positive to come!

I’m not done laughing – I will never be done laughing.  If I do not in my loud, kinda weird laugh at least once a day someone better check my pulse.

I’m not done admiring – other people, the beauty in the every day, the world around me.

I’m not done loving – I try at every possible opportunity to let those I love know how much I value, appreciate, love and respect them, but there are always more opportunities.

I’m not done trying – to reach my goals, to improve my skills, to break my barriers, to challenge myself.

I’m not done risking – taking chances, trying new things, opening up to failure or heartache because as long as I keep trying I keep growing, receiving and learning.

I’m not done thanking – not only thanking those in my life for their love and support but being thankful for my life, what is in it, what opportunities lie ahead and the tremendous beauty of it.



I’m just not done.


Are you?



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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