I’m Ready So Why Isn’t It Happening Now?

Little Girl Fingers CrossedI am not the most patient person in the world.


I think this was clear when I my brother gave me a shirt with Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbs) screaming “I want it and I want it NOW”.  I was in junior high school.


Although I am getting better, I still have that part of me.  A few things have helped me calm down a bit – having a child, having a pack of dogs, gardening and owning my own business.


Each one of these major life contributors have shown me that you can do everything right, and everything right now but that doesn’t mean that the positive results will show themselves immediately.


I can’t plant tomato plants and expect to harvest them the next week.  I can’t teach my dog not to jump and expect him to stay all four paws on the ground every single time after the first success.  I cannot teach my son life lessons and expect him to grasp them immediately.


The time between execution and success is the fruition period.  This is when things need to take root, grow, develop, lessons be learned, absorb the new reality and preparation for success.


It can be a very painful and seemingly slow process.


I will admit, it can drive me crazy.


I still don’t like waiting.  But the main thing that gets you through is knowing the end result is coming.


You may not see it right now, but if you keep using the tools with the right attitude – the right result is coming.


Case in point – I stopped drinking pop, more specifically Dew.  For anyone that knows me they know that I drank Dew all day every day, from sun up to sun down.  I love my Dew.  Last weekend I decided it was time to change a few habits.  I decided to start with the Dew.  For a week now I have replaced Dew with citris water and tea flavored with fresh fruit.


The first few days I ballooned up like an Umpa Lumpa.  Not happy about that.  And I had migraines every day .  Did not enjoy that one bit.  But I knew that once the transition period ended and my body became used to healthier drinks rather than a constant infusion of sugar and caffeine I would feel better.


Even through the headaches and bloating I persisted.  I am sleeping better, have more energy and am getting used to the different tastes.


I keep plugging away.


When you are job searching or in transition it is hard when you do not see immediate results.  You redo your resume, love it; get clear on your search and criteria and stick to it; and have re-engaged yourself in the search.  Then nothing.


Just because things do not change immediately does not mean that your tools are wrong.  It is almost like a test.  You say you believe in yourself, you know what you want and you are committed to it – but are you really?


A day is not a commitment, neither is a week.  It is a good start, but real commitment is over time.  If I go back to drinking Dew all day then I really wasn’t committed to being more healthy – I just experimented with it.


Even when it seems things are not progressing they are, you just don’t see it yet.  Once you have made that commitment to the point that it becomes a natural habit rather than a concentrated effort that is when you will start to see some fruits of your labor.


It is like sit ups.  You can’t expect to do 50 sit ups one day and have washboard abs the next.  I wish!  You have to have a plan, execute consistently and the results begin to show.  Once they do you have to continue the process to not only get to the point you want but stay there.




It goes with patience.


It is frustrating.


But if you pair the two – consistency with patience your time will come and it will be much sweeter and rewarding because you can fully appreciate it from all the work you put into it.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW



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