Impressive – But Not to Everyone…

This afternoon I attended the Black Expo Corporate Luncheon and Awards Presentation today with some friends and fellow NABO members. We watched and listed as Gary Brackett received the Excellence in Sports Award; Cicely Tyson received the Living Legends Award; Angela Bassett-Screen Image Award; and Reggie and Tracey Jones received the Rev. Charles R. Williams Award; and Danny Glover received the Freedom Award. Angela Bassett and Cicely Tyson were beautiful, gracious and appreciative.

Danny Glover was escorted to the stage and accepted his award with his grandson, who looked to be about seven. While giving a moving speech about the importance of being an involved citizen, his grandson started getting bored. He turned to look at those on stage and when none apparently appealed as good playmates, he meandered off stage.

I leaned over to my friend MaryKay and I said, “We are all so enthralled with his speech and with the man and the kid just gave a look like, ‘Grampa’s talking too much again’”. And that truly summed up that moment. Here we were, spellbound in a room of hundreds of people with many I am sure thinking how amazing it is to see this man in person and how lucky to hear him speak and his grandson was bored. Just a gentle reminder by the universe that when it all comes down to it, the people you see or admire are all just people, just like everyone else.

Some of us are mothers that probably drive their kids insane and some are grandparents that bore their grandchildren. No matter what the rest of the world perceives, we are all the same. Remember that when you have that next job interview or important business meeting; no matter how intimidated or impressed you are by the person sitting across the table from you – they are still just another human being boring someone.

And when you are feeling a bit low or underappreciated, remember that even those that we hold in highest regard are just like us, their grandchildren or children role their eyes and sigh as they become bored with them, too.

No better, no worse – just all human beings with the capacity to do great things, be loved, make a difference, be a parent, a grandparent, a friend, a mentor, and to just be ourselves. The difference is some choose to make a difference and others choose not to – but the choice is all ours.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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