Is It The Equipment Or The Operator?

I come from a family of golfers, my uncles, grandfather and even my ex-husband are all golfers.  I don’t know the first thing about it; actually I know this: I swing a golf club like a bat – too many years spent at the batting cages with my son.

My dad played occasionally, not a big golfer, and his equipment was a mishmash of clubs.  I remember him telling me about a time he went out with my grandfather.  Dad hit a bad shot and said something about his club being an old hand-me-down.  My grandpa took the club, hit a line drive (or whatever you golfers say), looked at my dad and said, “It’s not the club”.  God love my family!

So often we want to blame the equipment or environment when we are not happy.  It is our job, our boss, our company, our co-workers, blah, blah, blah…  But where we really need to start is by looking at the one holding the club.

There are times that we do not like our jobs and we can only see the negatives or missing elements.  That is when we begin the slippery descent into whiny zone.  You will know when you are in whiny zone when people discover something really important to work on as you approach.  They are trying to ignore you because you are sucking the lie out of them.

When the negativity starts to take over I beg of you to stop and take a step back.  Your job is a relationship and like any relationship it takes two to make it work.  Stop and look to see where your accountability in the negativity lies.

Are you really giving your job everything that you can, are you still trying to learn new things, improve things, grow and contribute?  What was it about your job that you once liked or loved?

What has changed – perhaps you have grown into a new position that does not hold the same appeal.  Could it be that in this new position you are not as comfortable or secure so it is easier for you to hate it rather than face your fear of failure?  Guess what, we’re all afraid – but are you going to toss those clubs in the lake or step back and remember the basics?  It is your choice – just make sure you are making a choice and not a reaction.

Perhaps you feel you have grown as much as you can within the current parameters.  Take a look around and see if there is something else that you can become involved in to spark that feeling again.  Is there a different project within your department you could work on?  What about asking someone in a different line of business to let you learn one of their systems?  Find a way to find a challenge – think a little outside of the box.  Maybe it is volunteering for a subcommittee for something company related but not work related – like the holiday party, fundraising effort or some action committee.

My point is make sure that you have done everything within your power to make yourself happy where you are before you decide to quit the game.  Because when you walk away you want to make sure there are no regrets – no “what ifs” so you walk away clean.

If you have done all of the above and you still do not get the results you want then by all means – go find something that will make you happy.  Just because you love it doesn’t mean it is going to love you back.  I know plenty of golfers who love and hate the game – kind of a masochist thing going on there.  Sometimes companies and managers ant to offer you the opportunities you desire but they just fiscally are not able to do so – no harm, no foul – it just isn’t meant to be at this time.  Are you willing to wait it out, is it worth it?

Before you give up on your game just take a moment to think about all the actions that you have done or, sometimes more importantly – not done, that have lead you to this point.  Once you take full accountability for your past, present and future actions you will know what to do with the current shot and your odds of winning have just gone up dramatically.


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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