Is Taking Advice From A Naked Baby With A Weapon Really The Best Plan?

Is Taking Advice From A Naked Baby With A Weapon Really The Best Plan?


Being a romantic I think most people would assume that I would get very excited about Valentines Day – but then most people would be wrong.  For me, Valentines Day is actually my dad’s birthday eve.


To me true romance isn’t about one single day and making sure you get the right flowers or candy for someone, true romance is sprinkled throughout the year in the every day living and interacting with that one person.  A spring bouquet in March for no reason; a card left in the car in June just because; breakfast in bed in November; or a drawn bubble bath in February including candles, brining over a pizza and bottle of wine because they day has stunk and no one feels like cooking; music and no dogs trying to drink the bath water; or dancing in the middle of the grocery store isle just because – those things to me are true romance.


Trying to make the perfect romantic night just one day of the year is like trying to get your act together right before evaluation time at your job.  It is something that could easily be done throughout the year.  However you only put the effort in when you think you are being judged.


Meeting and exceeding job performance is a requirement of your job – period.  Let’s face it, they did not hire you just to take up space.  You do have a job to do, remember?  I remember giving performance reviews and there was always someone that would kick it into high drive right before their evaluation was to be held.  It was very transparent and I was never ceased to be amazed by the resulting conversation.


They normally took a very defensive attitude in that they just proved they should get an increase in pay because what they did the past week or two.  So badly I wanted to ask, “Did you forget about the other 50?” but I refrained.


I had a young lady once that tried this little trick and I was very honest with her about it and how it would be perceived if she truly wanted to advance within her field.  My advice to her was to start each week as though there was an evaluation.  Look at what is expected of you, think about what the team needs and how she can meet or exceed expectations.


I also told her that at the end of the week she should evaluate herself, honestly.  In doing this she would also be much better prepared to give solid evidence of her growth, contributions and initiative which would more than likely not only result in increased income, but also increased responsibility and respect.


Just as you should not take someone special in your life for granted, nor should you take your job for granted – no matter what job that might be, no matter where they are in their career path.  Instead of looking at the negatives start looking at the positives – for example be thankful that you are gainfully employed.  Stop the self-centered approach of how it is not good for you and ask yourself if you are good for it, for your team.


Make that mad dash to the drugstore to buy the heart-shaped-chocolate-filled box for tonight, but what will really matter is what you do next week, next month, and every week and month after that.  Are you acting unselfishly, are you really contributing?  These are the things that will be remembered not only by someone special, but also by your employer.  It is pretty easy to score big on a single day or for a short burst, but the consistent, continual effort is what really counts and what will be most remembered.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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