Is The Next Thing Really The Best Thing?

I work with people on both extremes in the job market: from unemployed looking for an opportunity to those who are currently employed and looking for a new opportunity.  Individuals in both these categories can get a case of “the grass is greener” syndrome.


The Currently Employed


The boss is a jerk, the co-workers are uncooperative and the raises have diminished.  The happy, shiny has worn off to expose the cold hard steel of the framework of the job.  It isn’t fun any more or maybe not fulfilling.


So the thought of a new job where you will be appreciated, better pay and be a part of a collaborative environment sounds like the right fix.  But is it real?


Things always look better from the outside.  Oh sure, it may stink where you are, but is it really that bad or are perhaps you the one stinking up the place?  Maybe your attitude has affected how others around you are treating you.  Remember, when you point that finger there are three more pointing right back at you.


Leaving a position isn’t always the best fix.  It is a band-aid and a way to avoid any real issues.


When I worked in the financial industry I remember several times having the thoughts of wanting to get the hell out of dodge from one of my employers.  It was normally at a particularly bad point whether it was a couple days or week but I had had enough.


Then I would take some time to play devil’s advocate.  I loved the people I worked with and I loved the job that I did.  But people got on my nerves, my boss was extremely demanding.


However, the flip side to that was I am sure I got on their nerves too and I was even more demanding of myself than he could have ever been.  I set the bar high so it basically allowed him to challenge me to be more, do better and excel.  And I did.


So after the initial desire to run subsided I would look around and appreciate where I was and what I was doing.  It was the best job in the industry I ever had.


Before you completely bail on a job, think about the positives and make sure that there is nothing that you could do yourself before you try to job hop.  Because you might just be leaving the best thing you ever had.


The Unemployed


Sometimes those looking for their next opportunity are actually afraid of the right job.  They are afraid of the green grass.  They are afraid that since they have been out of commission for a bit they may not measure up.  When this happens oftentimes they might look for a sub par position because it feels safer.  They would rather stay in the dilapidated field because it is what they know.


Safe is comfortable and secure; growth is scary and challenging.  Choose growth.


I have had clients that have gone from one disastrous position to another because they are afraid to commit to a position which utilizes their fullest potential.  All the positions end badly but they have no battle scars because they were never truly invested.


You need to invest in yourself and the company – that’s when a real fulfillment can be obtained.  You may feel as though you are not good enough for that job or that company.  If you don’t even try then you are failing yourself.


If you do apply for a position, gotten a call back and still feel that way then it is your own insecurity.  If they have spoken to you or want to speak with you then obviously you are the only one seeing things in that manner.


Everyone has insecurities but growth helps you overcome them to reach the level where you need to be; where you can reach your fullest potential, help your clients the most and give the most value to your teammates.


The next safe thing might not be the right thing; perhaps a current or past opportunity was really the best thing.  Stop running and stop fighting it.  If you keep going after the unfulfilling, mediocre positions than you will always feel less than truly happy.


No one is born a leader of a company.  It takes trial, error, failure, attempt, success, fear and just plain guts.  If you don’t try you won’t know.  Do not assume that the grass is too green for you, take a chance, throw off your shoes and go walk around awhile in the field – that grass feels pretty good under your feet.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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