Surely they will call you immediately upon reading your resume and offer you the job. It is all there in black and white – you are the perfect candidate.

But they do not call.

And don’t call me Shirley. Showing my age on this one, but darn it, that was a funny movie and I couldn’t help myself.

Why did they not call? Did some cataclysmic event happen that prevented your resume from being received? How could they not see you were the perfect candidate? What gives?

Perhaps they did not see the full you, the one that is a perfect fit for that position. How is that possible? Because you were left out of your resume.

Let’s try an experiment. Take out your resume and read it from a hiring manager’s perspective, not as the author.

Read the entire thing, top to bottom, read every word. Now, describe the person that you just read about.

Can you?

Or can you just give a list of duties that the person on that paper was hired to do?

That is how the most important element of your resume may be missing – you.

There are two important elements in putting you back in your resume: your value and your voice.


If your resume is structured in a manner that simply gives job descriptions of your current and former position you are not representing yourself. You are giving a dissertation on the jobs accepted by that candidate in your hands.

Detailing job duties is not conveying competence or value. It is simply telling the reader what you were hired to do. No one cares what you were hired to do; they care what you did.

Why is it important that you performed those duties?
How did you perform them better than anyone else in that position?
What value did you add to your team, company, clients or stakeholders?

When you describe how you did what you did and how others benefited you are demonstrating value rather than stating duties. Employers are looking for value, not bodies.


Who are you?

The next step is putting a “face” to the person. Think of it this way, when you read a book, you mentally create an image of the characters based on the words the author chooses to use. This is why I can never watch a movie of a book I have read: The Firm and One for the Money are perfect examples.

Choose your words carefully. They should resonate with you as a person and your work style. Use these words when you describe how you did what you did:

How did you work with the people you work with?
How do you perform your duties?
How do you approach new tasks or challenges?
How do you complete or overcome them?

Have you ever been in a crowded room not knowing a soul? By the end of the event you find the one person that you have something in common with? You seem to be drawn together. Using words that accurately describe you and your working style will draw organizations that best support you to you.

Bringing It All Together

Bring you back into your resume to give the reader the full picture of who you are, what you have to offer and the value you bring to teams, leadership, stakeholders, clients and organizations.

To bring your voice and value to your resume, take each duty or bullet point and think about:

Who did you work with?
How did you work with them?
What did you do?
How did others benefit?

This will open up the thought process to go beyond a job description into the full breadth of what you bring to an organization, team or clients. From there you can then paint the full picture that is you and allow the reader to truly see how you are that perfect fit for the position you desire.


As the Founder and Principle of Career Polish, Inc., a national career coaching and practice firm, I am a Brand Strategist, Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach. I work with individual clients, sales teams, leadership and companies to identify, strengthen and effectively communicate their brand, engagement, commitment and most importantly – their value – by learning and leveraging LinkedIn, networking, communication, relationship management, presence and influence.

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