It Wasn’t Supposed To End Like This – Or Was It?

Having and Option and ChoosingLayoff, downsized or downright fired – whatever the cause of the end of employment it is a difficult and emotional situation.  Often times we find ourselves saying, “this wasn’t supposed to happen to me, this wasn’t supposed to be my life, this wasn’t supposed to be where I ended up.”


Finding yourself looking for employment can be overwhelming, scary, humiliating, degrading, unpleasant, full of rejection, desperate and that is just Monday.


You might start looking at yourself as a failure or just plain lost as to what to do next.  Not just where to go but how to get started.


The job search is approached from where you have been detailing in your resume the job descriptions of where you have been and identifying yourself as your past titles.


The outlook is clouded by your past, who you think you used to be and were supposed to be; which can be detrimental to not only your career search but also your psyche.


It is because you are looking at the last even as an ending.


But what if it were not an ending but rather a beginning?


One where you get to decide where to go, who to be and what you want to do.  What if it were the starting point to kick you out of a rut, shake you up a bit to see the world in a different way?


That would make for a whole different story, wouldn’t it?


Instead of identifying yourself as the title you held you start to identify yourself as the value that you brought to the organization.


Instead of detailing the job descriptions you gave demonstrative statements of what you did (instead of hired to do) and how you did it?  Supporting the value that you bring instead of providing a cliff notes of where you have been.


What if you started seeing yourself in a new role, one that not only you can bring value to but can bring value to you?  That’s a whole new perspective and one that brings life into your search.


Life doesn’t always work out the way we plan.  As a matter of fact I cannot think of one person that I have ever heard say, “Yes, my life unfolded exactly as I planned and wanted in every single aspect.”


It doesn’t work that way.  We think it should, but it doesn’t.


The toughest challenge in job searching isn’t a tight market, sluggish numbers, lack of opportunities – it is our attitude.


When we think of the last event as an ending then the outlook is full of negatives, like the ones listed above.


When we think of the last event as a beginning doors begin to open, opportunities are created and new paths are forged.


The bottom line is the event has happened now the next step is up to you.  It is not so much half empty vs. half full; it more a matter of it needs a refill so fill it up.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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