It Will All Be Better When I Find The Perfect Job…

Quite frankly you could substitute anything in that statement for job – car, significant other, house – it is all about looking for that perfect thing to make you happy. Good luck with that because there is no perfect out there waiting for you to discover it.

Car’s develop mechanical problems and houses get cracks, leaks or bugs. As far as that ‘perfect mate’ – uh no. Prince Charming was a putz. His hair was too perfect, his pants were too tight and the only reason we thought he was perfect was because he never said a word – never, not one. Oh sure, that might come in handy now and then, but really – boring!

The perfect job isn’t out there waiting for you to discover it, it is not some lofty goal or dream, it has already begun within you. Maybe you have decided the perfect job is in a different industry than what you are working and so you are pursuing a degree to enter into that field. See, you have already started within yourself. You are taking the actions right for you to get to where you want to go.

Maybe you think the perfect job is what you are doing but it exists at another firm. Well, the grass isn’t always greener… But ask yourself why it would be perfect somewhere else, is there anything you can change where you are to make it meet up to these lofty expectations? Have you tried, really tried?

You are defining perfection within your own mind and that is a powerful thing, but take it a step further. If you can define perfect, why can’t you create it? What can you do where you are now to make it better for yourself? So often we are in a wonderful position but we get derailed, bored by the commonness of a good thing and start to take it for granted. We forget that we once thought this was perfect or a great thing.

Go back and think about how things were when you first started the position and think about what made it great. Now, maybe things have changed in your environment that are out of your control: you have a new boss that is a putz, the company reorganized and your career path was closed off, the big clients you worked with are no longer with the company. These are factors that you cannot change. However, there are internal factors that you can and the first one starts with your attitude.

Why is something else looking perfect? What’s wrong with where you are? For those things that are ruining your perfect picture, what can be changed? If you start seeing the positive in where you are then possibly the place you are could become your utopia, it will just take a little work within you to make it happen. It begins and ends with you.

No person or thing can make things perfect for you. You define perfection within your own mind and therefore it is your responsibility to create perfection within your own means. If you keep looking externally for that one factor that is going to make something perfect you will continually be searching and unfulfilled. And be realistic, nothing is perfect. Everyone and thing has defects or baggage, you have it so why think that anyone else or that perfect job wouldn’t have it? You just need to determine what kind of baggage you are willing to work with – a little carry on is not a bad thing, just make sure it is not filling up a cargo plane.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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  1. Great insight Lisa – I have often found that when I get to the “greener grass” that it turns a little brown and that somehow what I left looks a little LESS brown in the process….

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