It’s All About Me …Because it All Starts With Me

I always told my kids, “Even though it should be, the world is not all about me.” The picture here is the paperweight on my desk. Now, this may seem that I am being self-serving by saying it is all about me, but in reality, it is because it all starts with me – my attitude that is.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Why is life doing this to me? I don’t deserve this!” When I do I know that is my gentle reminder to make sure my head is straight.

I have learned some important lessons about life:
1. That for the most part life does not DO to me, it gives me what I give it
2. It is not a matter of keeping score – I did these five things so I should get five good things back. It does not work that way.
3. Things may not turn out the way I had hoped, but there just might be a lesson in there for me to learn.

Honestly 2010 ended with some really not so pleasant experiences, but taking my lessons from above I realize that the first thing I had to do was not to look at them as something happening to me, but rather lessons I needed to learn. Apparently life thinks I am a really slow learner because it gave me the lessons in some not so pleasant ways – but hey, whatever it took to get it through my head.

So on this first Monday of the new year, try to look at the things going on in your life not as happening to you, but rather as lessons from which you can learn, grow and have a better life. The good is there, you just have to start with a new attitude – all about you and how you choose to look at life.

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