It’s Bunny Season! Lesson From the Little Dog….

Me and the Great Bunny Hunter
I’m not a morning person, and I do not mean that to be I prefer not to get up early. I mean I am REALLY not a morning person. My mom said when I was little it was pretty much a rule not to talk to me until I had breakfast and woke up a little, I guess I was a grumpy little thing. Some things have not changed. My son and I would speak as little as possible to each other in the morning because he inherited this gene from me.

Given this, my favorite way to wake up is to sit out on the deck when I take the dogs out first thing in the morning. It is quiet, calm and peaceful. It gives me space and time to wake up and every morning Luke comes bounding up so proud of himself that he remembered to do his business outside. This morning that peace and quiet was shattered. Lexi spotted a bunny.

Lexi is the smallest of my dogs and is in a close tie with Luke as the craziest. When it comes to bunnies – she wins. All you have to say is the word “Bunny” and she starts running around frantically and emitting this ungodly noise. She loves hunting and chasing bunnies, but she is not very good at it.

This morning I heard the noise and I looked up to see Lexi and Luke chasing a tiny little bunny around the yard. Micki is excused from this exercise as she is about 12 years old and has no desire to chase anything. I had a flash of fur flying everywhere and feared for the little bunny’s life as I watched helplessly as the two chased it up and down the fence until it disappeared, unharmed. Whew!

Here’s the thing, Lexi loves chasing bunnies but she really, really stinks at it. Last year we knick-named one of the bushes in the backyard the “Bunny Bush” because they would hide under there and everyday she would dart out of the house and run straight to the Bunny Bush. Several times she ran right by a bunny on her way to the bunny bush. She is that bad as a bunny chaser.

The thing that hit me is she just never gives up. She sits in the front window looking for any sign of a bunny, she does patrols of the backyard trying to pick up their scent; she is relentless in pursuing her bunnies. And her absolute lack of skill does not deter her in the least. She loves it, she attacks it with absolutely everything she has and she loves it. When she does settle down she jumps in my lap, out of breath, and so very pleased with her efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all attack our tasks with such enthusiasm and gusto with total lack of regard for failure? Just imagine what we could accomplish if we did not even think about failure. I think I need to tap into my own Bunny-syndrome. I think my adventurous side has been sleeping in a little too much. I miss it and I miss kettle. So how do I wake it up or how can anyone get it back?

What if we tried just one thing every day without fear of failure – just throw it out there and see what happens? Why not? Apply for that job you really want, talk to that person you really want to, go do an activity that scares you and exhilarates you at the same time – whatever it is, just one thing. Some people might look at me and say, “But you failed” and I will correct them with, “No, I succeeded because at least I tried.” And today, I threw it out there, I tried.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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