It’s Like That But Not Quite

wild hairEver feel you need a change, maybe a new haircut or style to mix it up a little?  So you have an idea in your head but then it comes time to explain it to your stylist.


Yeah, that never goes badly.


Having an idea of who you are, what you have to offer and how to put it on paper is kind of like that, but not quite.


It can be very frustrating knowing in your head what you want but not being able to make it happen on paper.


Trust me, I know.


Normally I guide my clients by giving them the visual presentation and they then either like it just as is or want a little more off the top.


But there are times that I can deliver a great visual presentation (if I do say so myself) but it just doesn’t fit.


It happens.  And that is not a bad thing.


Actually it can be a good thing.


It means you want to stand out, there is more to offer and you do not feel you are scratching the surface or just not hitting the mark.


When you find in working with your own resume if you look at it and say, “it’s ok, but just not there yet” take this as a good sign.


Possibly frustrating, but still good.  It means you are almost there – but you still have to dig deeper.  If you know it isn’t quite right then you should also know that your message isn’t quite coming across yet to your audience.


What is missing?


Is it truly a visual element or is it the impact of words?


Are you describing yourself effectively or honestly?  Are the words you are choosing a true representation of you?


If you want to bring it down to one page then it is vital that you choose your words carefully.  You are having more limited space so anything on that real estate counts.


Think of it as in a two page resume you are using colors and on a one page you are using black and white.  You can have a lot more impact with black and white if used effectively and a bit of grey mixed in.


What is it that is really bothering you?  Are your accomplishments not coming through?  Is your value lost in the shuffle?  Are you not telling them what you can do for them?


Take a break from the visual aspect because it is only a clue that there is discourse in the underlying message.  Spend a little time on that and the image will come to you.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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