Just Because You Have a Passion For Something Doesn’t Mean It Is a Good Thing

whiff of bunnies

Another adventure in dog world last night gave me my inspiration for today’s blog.


It is getting cold here in Indiana; the temperature is dropping and we had a few flurries last night.  I thought it is the time that most outdoor animals are finding warm places to stay during the night and only venturing out in the cold when need be.


I was wrong.


I had to research bunnies and found out that they are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk.  Not the bunnies in my neighborhood.  They have no sense of time – or boundaries.


I have four dogs – two of which are large: a pit mix and a lab mix.  The pit and the little girl have an unhealthy obsession with bunnies.  If they get a whiff of a bunny it is game on and they run around like crazy animals whining and carrying on.  It is kind of funny to watch, but also a little frightening seeing them transform into possessed dogs.


I would think with four dogs in a yard fenced with a six foot privacy fence that critters would have the sense to stay out of my back yard.


I was wrong.


Those darn bunnies were at it again last night and apparently one popped into the back yard right before I let the dogs out.  Long story short (too late, I know); the pit scaled the six foot privacy fence into the neighbor’s yard, out their gate and flew out into the neighborhood on a frenzied bunny chase.


So much for relaxing with a cup of hot cider and a good book before retiring for the night.


Off I was in the car with the windows rolled down, calling out his name, spotting him occasionally, praying that I would not have to chase him because my leopard print house slippers are not made for a foot race.


At one point I saw the bunny at the corner of one of our intersections.  I swear that thing looked at me like, “Could you take him home now please?!”


I finally found him, opened the car door and he jumped right in, only to sit in the back seat whining.  I’m not sure if he was whining about being in trouble for running away or for not catching the bunny.


This morning, as the dog is sucking up (pet owners will understand that yes, they actually do suck up when they have misbehaved) I realized that even thought he has a passion for chasing bunnies – he isn’t very good at it.


In three years and countless bunnies he hasn’t caught one yet.  None of them have, which is a good thing actually.


We all have passions, some we are good at and some we are not; for me it is feng shui.  I love it, but I wouldn’t consider myself very good at it, I am still learning and there is a lot to learn.


When job searching and interviewing it is great to know your passions; however, equally important is to know if they work for you.  Do they add value to you as a contributor to that company?  The last thing you want to do is go on a mini rant about how passionate you are about something, let’s say customer service, only to admit at the end that you are not very good with people.  Or worse yet not be able to demonstrate how you are good at it.


If my pup were in a job interview and went on about how he has a passion for chasing bunnies, explained how he did it and the amazing feats he does to go after them (scaling six foot fences) the interviewer might be impressed with his tenacity and thoroughness.


However, when he would follow up with the question of, “So, how many have you caught this year.” Imagine how bad he would look in having to fess up to “None.”  It completely takes the wind out of his sales and makes all the previous hoopla worthless.


Poor puppy probably wouldn’t get the job, they might even offer it to the bunny.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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