Just Who Does Your Resume Think You Are?

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The point of your resume is to tell your story the way you want the reader to understand it. What story is your resume telling right now?

If I were to say there is a mistake made on most resumes it that most people tend to use their job descriptions as their bullet points. Job descriptions are easy to copy and tell the reader about your job, right? Wrong. Well, they are easy to copy, but they miss the mark about telling the reader anything of real value.

There are two problems with this approach:

1. This tells the reader what you were hired to do, not what you did.
2. It eliminates you from your resume.

The two most important factors in telling your story are your voice and your value.

Your voice is you speaking through your resume. When someone reads your resume they form an image of you based on the words you choose. It is just like when you form a picture of a character in a book (and why I cannot watch a movie of a book that I have read).

Use words that resonate with you. If you are outgoing and driven use words that match your energy. If you are a behind the scenes driver use words that convey that strength.

Your value is not what you were hired to do, but what you did and how you did it. Think about who you work with, how you work with them, what you do and how they benefit. That is a story of your value.

A duty is running reports. A value is gathering all the information, compiling, partnering with ABC team in providing the report which they use for XYZ. Maybe it is a sales team that uses the report to track their success, identify new target markets. Maybe it is a committee to track and manage expenses. You added value by providing the information needed to increase revenues or reduce costs.

If your resume is bleeding from duty driven bullet points then your resume does not think much of you. It thinks you are one dimensional and boring.

If your resume paints the picture of the value you brought to an organization, clients, teams or community in a manner that sounds like you then your resume thinks you are the bomb – and that is what it will convey to the reader.

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