One of my favorite sayings is, “Karma!” If a my best friend performs one of her usual selfless acts and something positive happens for her, like a great parking place or $10 on a $1 scratch off, I always tell her, “Karma!” Of course it works the other way too…

I had two dogs: Micki and Misfit (aka Lexi), well now I have three – introducing Luke. He is a seven month old boxer/lab mix. When I first got Misfit she constantly had a hold of Micki either by the neck, tail or whatever she could grab to try to entice her to play, she was a little ball of energy. She wanted to be petted and noticed by me often squirming into my lab for forced attention. She was a little handful for both Micki and me. Guess what – Karma!

Luke is a giant version of Misfit, he is demonstrating all her behaviors just at a much bigger level and his object of affection – Misfit. That poor little dog has to hid to get a break from this big, lovable dog. And she is not very happy that his second day in the home he claimed my lap as his new favorite spot. I wasn’t really thrilled either considering he’s much bigger than he thinks!

I just sit back and laugh at Misfit because it is – you guess it – Karma! All the grief she put Micki through this new lovable puppy is doing to her in spades! I think Micki is enjoying the show as well. When the little one just looks at me as if saying, “Really, help me out here!” while the puppy has her by the gruff I just look at her and tell her, “This is what you did to Micki!” And yes, I do think she understands it…let’s just leave that point alone, shall we?

My point is, this is a perfect example in dog world of it comes back, how you treat others is how they will treat you. If you are a giving, professional and respectful co-worker then that is how you will be treated by your teammates. And who knows, one of those teammates might be your manager some day, or leave for a better job and might want to recommend you. The point is what you give you get. So be kind. You deserve kindness to come back to you!

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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