Keeping to Task

Have you ever had a To-Do list with one or two that really stood out, these were the biggies on the list followed by several non-essentials? It is pretty typical. But have you ever focused ont he non-essentials to say you were still checking things off your To-Do list but you were actually using those to avoid the biggies? Welcome to my Monday.

I’m not sure why I am avoiding the biggies, but here I sit, able to check off three more things that could really wait. I’m being an avoider today. I admit it, smack my own hand, shame on me: I’m an avoider today. I need to break this bad habit before it breaks me!

You see, it can happen to all of us. Once I stopped myself and recognized what I was doing now is the critical step – to reverse my thinking and focus on the actions and completion of the biggies. Part of this is admonishing myself publicly. I hope it helps someone else, it also makes me a bit accountable.

So here is my plan: first I have to go to the post office, which is a necessary and a good mind break from the office.

Then, when I return, I will put on the headphones to some favorite “get motivated” music and dedicated the next hour solely to one of the biggies. At the end of the hour I make myself some hot tea with honey, down more cold medicine, stretch a bit, then focus another hour solely on the biggies. Giving breaks in between will help me judge my time and effectiveness.

So if you are using the To-Do list as an avoiding tool today, join me in stopping that behavior and let’s get the biggies out of the way!

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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