Leaving Room for Misinterpretation

I know a young couple that recently broke up.  The young man has been posting comments on a public account about how much he misses “her” and wishing things were the way they used to be; he even has the young lady’s pictures still posted on his page.  This sounds very sad and sweet in a very youthful-immature way. Many of his friends are giving him support for his heartache from missing his beloved so…however; that is not entirely the whole story…

The part that is not being said: the young man was secretly dating another young lady (we’ll call her young lady B) while he was with his “beloved”. Young lady B parted ways with the young man shortly after the young couple broke up and the young man is actually longing for young lady B.

Well that puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it? Now he doesn’t look so much like a heartbroken, sweet young man as a manipulative, sneaky little bugger who sounds like he got what he deserved – to be alone.

Be careful when writing your resume that you do not intentionally mislead the reader. Don’t be the young man and try to solicit undeserving pity – although in your case it would be respect. In any case – just don’t do it.

If you had attended university but have not completed the entire studies program then do not write it in such a way that it could be interpreted that you have, in fact, received the degree. That is leaving room for misinterpretation and could be considered lying.

If you assisted the Manager with many duties but did not hold the title of Assistant Manager, do not leave off your actual title of Receptionist in order to leave room for the reader to assume that you were the Assistant Manager.

And if you have seen a process in action but are not fully familiar with how to complete the process or could complete it on your own; do not describe your knowledge in such a way that it could be implied that you are well versed in the process.

Mom always said honesty is the best policy – and by golly she was right! Because like it or not, no matter how good you are, or think you are, the truth will come out.

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