Life’s short – take the “rock” where you can get it!

This morning I was able to make my dogs’ day – they got to go on a ride to the bank and post office.  I’m a doggie hero!!  They got treats at the bank and there were so many people at the post office who went there just to see them – as a doggie mom, I rock.  Which may not seem like a lot to you, but trust me, as a mom, you’ll take the rock where you can get it.

Yesterday I got the horrible realization that I have the potential at any given time to embarrass my son.  Oh this isn’t something that I am imagining or making up; he told me this himself.  Literally told me I would embarrass him.  Me?  Seriously?

He is taking a class this year as a senior and the teacher said if any parent would like to present to talk to her, that way she could evaluate if it would be a good topic for the class.  I spoke to her about the possibility of presenting a session on body language.  She thought it was a great idea, I thought it was a pretty good one, and Jake thought it was the worst idea since curfew. 

When I brought up the subject of going to his class he specifically said, “No!  I do not want you anywhere near my school, my class or my teachers – ever. ”  Half joking I asked if he thought I would embarrass him and without hesitation he answered, “Yes, you will so stay away!”  Ouch!

To add insult to injury (no offense against my mother) he said, “When you were 17 would you want your mom to come to school?”  Oh great, now I am not only an embarrassment but I’ve officially turned into my mother.  (I have to be honest, that is not a bad thing, but a 17-year-old would not know that).  I looked at him and said, “Are you calling me Grandma?”  This of course brought him into silence and his step-brother into hysterics!  Fun had by all.

So here I sit, glowing in the wonderful doggie mom status that I have achieved by merely taking my dogs for a ride in the car.  At least I don’t embarrass them, well, if I do they never complain.  And more often than not, they think I rock.  Such good dogs!

Hey, life’s short, I’ll take the rock where I can get it!  And I will try to get over the hurt of reaching that horrible stage of being an embarrassment to my son.  I’m a big person, I can forgive…besides my revenge will be in about 10 years and it is called grandchildren!

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