Limited Brain Space Yet Unlimited Capacity for Stress.

I have come to the conclusion that my brain can only hold so much. No matter how much stuff I try to cram in there, something leaks out because there must be some sort of threshold and so a balance must be maintained. Although I am accepting this fact I was still pouting about it this morning when I couldn’t remember something, finally I just told myself not to stress about it.

That is when it hit me – I do not maintain a stress equilibrium! And I do not think I am alone here, I do not know anyone that has a little balanced scale of stress. There are no checks and balances, it is like a free for all – the more stress – bring it on! I decided I did not like this system. I can’t retain all the things I want to yet I can latch on and carry an exorbitant amount of stress. Nope, this does not work for me. We all need to create that little scale of stress.

So, having the over-analytical mind that I do (it’s a blessing and a curse) I began to think about this whole stress thing. Why oh why do I do this, and I know I am not alone in this. Why do I let things that I have no control over just literally bug the crap out of me? I honestly know the answer to this, not that it helps, but I like to know the why of everything. Why things happen, why people behave the way they do, why actions are taken or not taken, why, why, why.

Here’s the rub – I rarely find out why and that triggers, you guessed it, more stress! So taking this point even further I reached the conclusion that, “dummy, you’re doing it to yourself.” It was my little “A-ha” moment. It was awesome; I mean there should have been the movie sound effects of the angels singing a chord and a bright light shining down like a spotlight. Okay, in my mind it happened like that…

Anyway, that lead to my next conclusion – this is somewhat stupid. I am actually the one creating the stress by trying to put logical reasons to illogical events. I really need to work on that dog with a bone thing! Now I realize that was the easy part, now I have to figure out how to stop doing that. I could probably read some great articles that would give me tips and insight, but crap, my brain is full again!

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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