Lunch, halloween candy and a reality check

Everyday my son and I have lunch. Sounds boring, I know, and you may think this is a fairly ordinary thing. But as a mother of a son who will soon be leaving and living life on his own, this small act of normalcy is amazing. You see, a wonderful thing happens – we talk. No, really! And some days I learn, some I listen and some I laugh. It is the high point of my day.

Today I got to laugh. I told him I bought one of his favorite candies just in case we had left overs from the tricker-or-treaters. He looked at me and with real conviction said, “Just imagine how much candy you would get if you went out tonight!”

As I laughed, he continued: “No, think about it. Everyone has tons of candy left over and they normally don’t want it. All you have to do is knock on their door and say, ‘I know you have candy left over you don’t want, I’ll go ahead and take it for you’, you don’t even have to dress up!”

The kid has a point! That’s what I love about my boys, they think differently. Now, it is not always logical, but it is refreshing. As adults we call it thinking outside the box. For them, it is just uncomplicated thinking. And it is great.

So I thank my son today for this bit of humor and a wonderful lunch! Just in that short time I am reminded again how lucky I am to have a great relationship with my son, how much I love him and no matter what events are transpiring in my life, nothing can take that away and nothing is more important. My own little reality check and lunch all in one! It was almost as good as watching Andy Griffith as a kid, morals and a peanut butter sandwhich all in a half hour!

I hope your moment of clarity today includes a bit of humor – it makes life so much sweeter! Ooh, speaking of sweets, I better go get some of that candy before he gets home from school and eats it all!

And if you have any candy left over, I know a kid that will be happy to come get that from you!


Lisa K. McDonald
Career Polish, Inc.

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