Lying or Indifference – Which Is Worse For Your Job Search?

Oh Yahoo – shame, shame, shame.  A publicly held company searching for a CEO position and a little thing like verification of information somehow slips through the cracks?  And shame, shame, shame on him for lying about his accomplishments.


A degree – really?  That is pretty easy to verify for crying out loud.  When I was in finance I held my 7, 63, 65, 9, 10, 26, Life & Health and Property & Casualty.  Those were verifiable – I couldn’t conceive of adding a few more numbers in there just to spruce it up because they are verifiable!


If you are going to lie about one item on your resume I have to ask myself as an interviewer what else are you lying about?  Are you okay with lying to get the result you want, be damned the consequences?  Do you have morals or scruples? How can I trust you to represent the company?


I was so dumbfounded by the whole thing, not sure if there is anything worse than lying when I realized there might be a close runner up: indifference.


Indifference, defined as a lack of care or concern, is not something you want to come across in your interview.  If you really don’t care if you get a job then why would I care to interview or hire you?


Indifference can be very insulting.  If a company has gone out of their way to set up interviews at your convenience, maybe bring you to their corporate office, planned a complete and full itinerary, show you the location and main players and you show up wearing a cloak of indifference how do you think that would come across?


I know if I was involved in setting any of that up I would be insulted, and a bit angry that I wasted my time and company resources on an individual who has no skin in our game.  I would take it personally.


I was recently treated to a dose of indifference by a friend and let me tell you – that really stung.  My friend suffered a loss in their family last year.  I was there because my friend needed me and my only concern was hoping to make that time even the slightest bit better or easier.  Last week I lost my uncle.  I never heard from my friend, well, they “liked” a post I made of Facebook, but that was it.  Perhaps I misevaluated our friendship.  Live and learn


I’m not angry at my friend, I just see them in a different light now.


If you have a great resume but indifference shows up front and center in an interview then your interviewer is going to see you in a new light, too.  You are not the right candidate for the job.


If you get to the point of an interview the prospective employer or interviewer has determined that you have a certain skill set or ability to perform the job.  The interview is the point where they are evaluating if you are going to be a good fit.  This is the time to court and be courted.


If you do not want the job – don’t accept the interview.  You are wasting their time and yours.  Also keep in mind that networking is a key aspect of your job searching and career advancement.   Do you really want to take the chance of leaving a poor impression and the possibility that the story is retold to someone else?  You never know who your interviewer knows.  You could be ruining future opportunities.


Lying or indifference – it is like choosing between the lesser of two evils; but at the end of the day they are still both evils.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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