Making Promises In Your Resume & Interviewing

Intentionally or not you are making promises when presenting your resume and throughout the interviewing process.


Both are series of “I have done this in the past and I will do it for you – and more” line items that you are promising that person on the other side of the desk.


Careful with what you promise.


There is a line that I think sums it up perfectly in Gary Allan’s song Broken Promise: “I tell the people that you love that they don’t matter quite enough…I’m a promise broken”


Okay, so you may not love your future employer; but you are in a relationship with them.  How that relationship develops is heavily influenced on your actions.  Promising and not delivering is a quick way to the unemployment line.


Promising a client something but not delivering is a sure fire way of loosing clients.  When you do that you are telling them that they don’t matter.


Some broken promises can be overlooked or forgiven.  I never disowned my son for breaking promises of cleaning his room, cutting the grass or filling up the gas tank.


However, if what you promise holds any type of meaning to the recipient then breaking that promise will do more damage than had you possibly disappointed them by never opening your mouth in the first place.


When preparing your resume or for networking and interviewing be mindful of exactly what you are promising.  Make sure you can back up your words with actions.  Even though it is implied it is a promise.


There is a difference in promising to do your best.  People can forgive you for not meeting their expectations if you gave it your best.  However, it is almost taken as an intentional act of failure or disrespect if you promised and then failed to even try.


As Gary Allan sang:


“Disappointment, disillusion, despair, confusion
I’ve seen it all in their eyes
Don’t promise you will if you won’t
Don’t say you do if you don’t
Its alright to say you’ll try”



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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