One Little Word Can Make a Huge Difference – Anytime

I work with words all day – and I mean ALL day long. I am very deliberate in the words I choose when writing for a client whether a LinkedIn profile, cover letter, resume or thank you letter. I am very particular as I know how one word can make a difference. I believe most people in transition are aware of this fact themselves. Today I am to give a gentle reminder that it transcends to ALL your communication. Learn from my example…

I had a conversation yesterday wherein I said something to the effect of, “…Mr. X would have a better chance of…” It was not my intention that I had or wanted the chance to do what Mr. X would be more qualified for; however that is not how it was received.

That one word – better – took the message to a whole life of its own. Instead of hearing that this was an opportunity for Mr. X, the recipient immediately assumed that I wanted the opportunity. I spent much effort in trying to correct the message all for one little word.

I believe that the end result was that the original message was lost and the point became a complete distraction on one word and defending the use of it, or rather how it really did not need to corrupt the message. It was a complete and utter byita moment.

So please, even in general conversation be mindful of the words you choose. I am just glad I am teaching a class tonight as it is a bit painful to sit in the office today….

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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