Permanency = The Internet

Oh when will we ever learn? Have you ever Googled yourself? Try it, it could be very interesting. And remember as you do so to repeat to yourself – “The Internet is Forever.” For some people this little mantra is like a big smack upside the head.

I’m not throwing stones here guys, I had a smack in the forehead moment: when I Googled myself (and I have to use my middle initial, there are a lot of Lisa McDonald’s out there!) right there on the first page of images was one of me and my ex. Oh, joy. Oh yes, the internet is forever. Oh well. Life goes on.

I tell my young adult clients and student to be very careful about what they put on Facebook and any other medium because (say it with me here) “The Internet is Forever”. Get tagged in a photo and a potential employer just might be able to pull that up. Hard to convince someone you are a fine upstanding citizen with some of those photos out there!

And yes, employers do Google you, they look, they dig and they want to know. You will be representing them not only on company time but on your own time. Some of you may have had a father that told you every time you walked out the door, “Remember, you are not just representing yourself out there, but our family name as well.” Yes, you really do represent your employer on your off time, think about it: what is one of the first things someone new asks you? Normally it is what do you do for a living and/or who do you work for.

The week is early, let’s try to remember this message through the weekend, especially when the cameras come out…

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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