I posted a blog earlier today which was an attempt at humor about job opportunities and choices.  A friend of mine said it reminded him of the dating game – good, humor was transcended at least to one. Missionaccomplished.  I actually wrote that yesterday during some down time but today no matter how much I attempt to focus on the tasks at hand one word and one feeling keeps permeating my thoughts: perspective and gratitude.


It all stems from the recent tornadoes.  My best friend in high school entered into the military and she was stationed inCalifornia.  When she got there those that were from that area were fascinated and terrified of tornadoes, they could not believe she was so blasé about them.  But when she asked about earthquakes they seemed indifferent to them – it is all perspective as to how we perceive our environment.


But the recent tornadoes were not something to disregard or glamorize as something thrilling to chase or admire.  These were devastating, catastrophic life-altering forces of nature.  They caused not only immediate destruction but continue to leave an increasingly horrific legacy.


Homes were destroyed, lives were lost and that was just the beginning.  A toddler was found in a field after her family was killed but unfortunately she lost her battle and died.  Even in survival there is destruction – a mother shielded her children during the storm and lost her legs.


My heart goes out to those families; I cannot even begin to imagine the immediate terror and continual heartache that they are enduring.


My prayers are with the volunteers who have converged at the point of destruction to assist in any way possible.  Their lives will forever be changed by what they see, hear and do.  I pray for their strength.


In our every day life there are things that are not meeting our wants, needs and/or expectations.  We feel sorry for ourselves that we are where we are or are without what we do not have.  Shame on us.


I woke up in a comfy bed, with a roof over my head, a message from my best friend waiting for me on my phone, a pack of protective and loving dogs greeting me and the opportunity to reach out to family and friends.  I could go downstairs and fix something to eat, take a hot shower and dress in warm cloths.  I have absolutely everything in this world I need and more.


My home was built on love, this is where I raised my son, where I built and evolved within my life over the past 13 years.  This is my home and I am so thankful that it is here to welcome me and protect me.


If you have a significant other take a moment today and realize that in a moment’s notice they could be gone, no more quick kisses hello, teasing jokes about burnt dinners, no pointless arguments over inconsequential things – all those could be gone in a heartbeat.  Be thankful.


Maybe your job stinks right now or you are looking for a job.  Do you have family or friends that are supporting you – then you are blessed.  Do you have a place you can come home to that you can retreat from the disappointment or frustration of your day or job search – then you are blessed.


We are all continually evolving but how much more difficult would it be right now to find another job, improve your relationships or focus on any other challenges you are facing if you woke up to see that everything you knew in your life was instantly a memory.  That not only do you need to continue with your pursuits but you have to do so without your every day stability; without any solid foundation.


I apologize to the families, friends and every single person affected by the tornadoes and storms; I apologize for my selfish thoughts and feelings earlier today.  I apologize for forgetting how very blessed I am for waking up to a completely ordinary day and forgetting how extraordinary the ordinary really is.


I apologize because it is disrespectful to you and what you have to deal with not only at this very moment, but every day for the rest of your life.  I apologize for thinking that anything in my world is nearly as consequential as what you have just begin to endure.


How absolutely arrogant of me to be annoyed at my son this morning when I have the opportunity to go hug him and tell him I love him.  I could not imagine life without my son.  How callous of me to joke about a dinner date when your loved ones wont be sharing another meal with you.


How sad I am that it takes such a monumental event to remind me of how my ordinary life is indeed extraordinary.  I may not be able to volunteer, donate blood or even perform one physical act that makes any difference at all; I can however pray for those that are affected and sometimes a little prayer goes a long, long way.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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