Prerequisites for Happiness Engineer?

I saw a quote this morning that caught my eye: “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” Satchel Paige. The more I thought about it the more I liked it. And I thought that was where I was going to go with the blog today, but alas, not exactly.

I just got a response about an IT question that I have and the person who responded has the title, as listed in their tag, as “Happiness Engineer”. Now my brain is all confused because I have two different trains taking off in two different directions. How old do you choose to be and how do you become a Happiness Engineer – good thing I have plenty of Dew.

I do not know that I really subscribe to the theory that you are as old as you feel – because there are days that I feel 18 again and try to work out like I was 18 and the next day I feel like I’m 80 and walk like I’m 80. So that theory doesn’t always work for me.

I would rather be me than an age. When we are young we want to be older and as we age we long for our youth. I’ve pretty much gotten over that. Youth wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, granted I’m grateful for some of the things that happened in my youth. Having a son in my early 20s was a Godsend because lord knows I couldn’t do it now. Lessons were hard, but they were needed.

So now I’m older and sometimes wiser, but I still have that girl in me. The one that likes to play the cloud shape game, loves Eeyore, takes in way too many stray dogs, giggles at inappropriate things, wishes on stars and believes in happy endings.

(Just a side note, apparently my computer does not like happy endings because it suggested “happy conclusions” instead. Nope, I am sticking with happy endings – period. Now I’ve really ticked my computer off because it has highlighted that three times and it made me giggle.)

Maybe that is what it takes to be a Happiness Engineer – finding your own happiness by remembering the little things, the youthful or childhood things, which make you happy. Not only finding them but living them, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I remember a friend and I were having lunch outside in a busy area and I explained the cloud shape game. We started playing and acting like silly, giggly girls and it wasn’t long until people around us were playing too.

I can take a sunny day and be a kid, oh who am I kidding, I can take a sunny, rainy, windy, snowy pretty much any day and be a kid. I’ve earned it and more importantly, I know how valuable and fun it is!

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Transition Strategist
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Career Polish, Inc.

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  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one looking up at the clouds!! I love just parking the car, sliding open the moon roof and just relaxing…

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