Resumes: How to Demonstrate Remarkable Leadership

leader standingAs a Professional Resume Writer, I know how to make things sound good on paper. More importantly, I know that all too often value is not represented on a resume.

All too often resumes are a compilation of duties, a rehash of a job description. This only tells the reader what you were hired to do, not what you did. Just because you listed a duty on your resume does not mean you did it well.

Leadership is a combination of competency, adaptability, character, authenticity and accountability. Demonstrating these on your resume opens the door for conversations. The key is demonstration rather than simply stating. Here are some items to consider when writing your resume to highlight each area:


A prepared thirty second answer to a question can easily portray authenticity, but true authenticity is demonstrated as a constant throughout their career, even during down periods or setbacks. Can you demonstrate growth, success or value during the periods of your career that were off your path?

Are you authentic to your teams? Do you hire people smarter or better than you, do you encourage and expect teams to grow in their positions, do you expect your teams to set and achieve personal and professional goals important to them even at the risk of losing them on your team?


The greatest leaders I have worked with and interviewed all are horrible about talking about themselves because they see the truest and most important value in the people they lead. Do you take ownership of the failures and give praise for the successes? Do you support, encourage and have the backs of your team?


How do you demonstrate support of your leadership and teams? Do you assume ownership of propelling your team as a whole and each individual? Do you have consistent expectations of yourself, your teams and your leadership? Do you go above and beyond without being asked or need for recognition?


The only constant is change. How do you adapt to change, approach it, leverage it and lead people through it? How inclusive is your team – do you solicit feedback, do you listen and adapt based on input? Do you surround yourself with people better than yourself to raise your abilities, insight and performance to react in the best interest of the team, company and clients?


This is an obvious – can you do the job. Beyond having the required experiences and skills, have you grown in your capabilities? How do you approach tasks or projects, what skills do you utilize to optimize changes, setbacks and expectations? How have you made improvements and accomplished your successes? How do you set goals, kept teams accountable and delivered at or beyond expectations?

These qualities are not defined in a single, well penned bullet point. They are qualities that are demonstrated through actions consistently throughout your career and each position.

Creating a mindset of demonstration is vital in conveying value rather than duty. When evaluating your career, think about what you did, how you did it, what skills were used, who did you work with, how did you work with them, who received value from you doing what you do and what impact that value made.

Translating answers to the above questions will produce a solid resume of demonstrative statements proving you are a remarkable leader rather than a page of empty proclamations.


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