Say More by Speaking Less

mouth taped shutYou deliver your brand message through all means of communication: written and oral.   This is a generally accepted and understood concept.  So why is it you can posts wins with one form but continuously strike out with the other when you are saying the same thing.


Because you are saying the same thing.


Written and verbal communications are two completely different forums.  Same concept, different venues.


Think about it this way – it is the difference between reading the book then going to the theater to see the movie remake.


It is all in the delivery.


When we use written communication, i.e. resumes, business bios, LinkedIn profiles, website content etc., every single word counts.  Every. Single. Word.


Why?  Because the words are painting the picture.  Each one contributes or distracts from your message.  It is essential to use more words to convey the appropriate picture when writing your message.  Words evoke emotions.  Guide your reader to the ending point taking the exact path you want them to take.


Keep them focused by using words that resonate with them while demonstrating, engaging and impacting the reader.


The sentences are longer, the words are more fluid and decorative but it is essential in painting that picture.


If you create a written opening statement summarizing your value to the reader it will fall flat if spoken to another person.


Why?  It is the same message and it sounds so darn good!


Because in verbal communication the words are only about 20% of the message.


Your tone, speed of delivery, pauses and inflection all paint the picture.  If you are face to face your body language also is a major contributor.


If you tell someone that it is nice to meet them yet you avoid eye contact, slump your shoulders, look down, offer a weak handshake and speak it in a quiet, monotone manner your delivery is completely contradicting your words.


What message do you think the other person is left with? That you did enjoy meeting them or you could really care less?


To be impactful in one-on-one or face-to-face communication use less words.  Choose the ones that count and support them by your delivery.


If you present the written sound-byte in person I will be lost after the tenth word because you are overloading me with information – both delivery and words.


Let the words have more impact by speaking less and delivering appropriately.


To sound confident, speak in a slightly lower octave, in a slower, measured tone.  Take appropriate pauses, end the sentences in an uplift to get attention or prompt a question.


Use all the tools given to you to deliver the shorter message in a much more impactful way.


It is your brand; you need to know its value, how it is important to your audience and what they want to hear.  Only when you are intimately familiar with it and understand the differences in delivery can you determine the most appropriate words for each situation to accurately convey the message.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


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