Small acts of kindness mean so much!

Just when I about lose hope a simple act of kindness from a stranger comes and knocks me over. Emotionally, that is.

A couple of weeks ago I was devastated and ended one of the most important relationships in my life. But life doesn’t care, people move on, businesses must be run and children must be tended. One must move forward and last week I had a networking lunch to attend.

It was not a good day, I looked at the wrong location and could not find the meeting. Just when I thought about turning back, tucking my tail between my legs and going home I saw another member as lost as I was.

We discovered that the actual meeting was a few blocks away so we walked in the arctic winds no less. In passing conversation we talked about networking and a new group she joined. I told her that I too was a member; however I had neglected this group for several months as I was putting more priority in a business with which I no longer participated.

Innocently enough she asked something about the business and I blurted out in the still-smarting-and-not-using-your-brain-thus-giving-tmi-to-strangers that it was my ex’s business and he just moved out to be with his girlfriend that he has been dating for a couple of months.

Dang! Huge mental head slap! I quickly apologized and we continued our conversation ultimately ending up at the right location in time for lunch. I made a mental note to wait 10 seconds before I answered any question so I did not do that again!

Today I went to the post office and waiting for me in a pretty pink envelope was a card giving me encouragement and offering that if I ever needed to talk she was there. This wonderfully kind woman took the time to reach out to me, send me a card with a personal note, and send it out of pure kindness.

Of course I will thank her for the card, but I don’t think I could ever express how this small act of kindness helped snap me back to my reality that in general people are good and kind.

What can you do today to provide that small act of kindness for someone else? It made me think about am I doing those small things that make a difference to someone else. And you better believe I walked out of that post office walking taller and smiling at every person I passed because even in darkness there is kindness that shines through when you least expect it.

Thank you, Linda. You were my angel today!

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