Some Days You Just Have To Call A Mulligan

My day sucks.  No way around it.  Let’s see, we started with two of the dogs getting in a tiff over the socky when playing tug.  I happened to walk by when they decided to go from sweet, loving puppies to vicious, angry furry monsters and the little one struck out and instead of getting the big dog he got my calf.


A lovely mark was left for me to remember the moment.


I shook it off, after posting to FaceBook of course, and decided to write my blog.  I had talked to a client earlier and found a quote which culminated in a fantastic blog.  Really, it was amazing.  I went to save it and *poof* my computer froze.


Alrighty then. Given that I had to run a couple of errands I thought I would give my computer a chance to think about what it had done and make up for itself by coming back to life while I was gone with the blog and all other work I had done still in tact.


I ran to the post office where I have been expecting something quite important and it STILL isn’t there.  Bummer.  Ok, next stop – pick up a script.  Easy enough.


I ran into the drug store and picked up a few essentials (yes, Dew was one of them) and walked out without gong to the pharmacy.  Sigh.


No worries, I can go through the drive thru.  New pharmacist, total lack of communication between us resulting in no script and the need to drive to the doctors office.


Upon returning to the office I found the computer stubbornly in the same position as when I left it having deciding that it indeed did want to remove my fantastic blog and not allow me access to a darn thing.  So I pulled the plug to do a hard reboot, secretly hoping there was a little computer pain.


At 1:00 I officially declared the end of my sucky day.


That was enough for a day and as I am always looking at the bright side for everyone else I thought I better suck it up and apply the same principle here.


Darn it.


The blog was still a good one, but maybe I could give it a little more thought and make it better.


The little dog is now curled up behind me in my office chair and the others are all very quite and being well behaved.


I have a new client that I will be calling this afternoon and she is very excited to begin.


Not looking forward to the drive to the doctors, but, it gives me some time away from the computer and I always get great inspirations when driving.


And now that I have gotten all the sucky out of the way – the rest of the day is paved for great things.  Better to get them all out of the way at one time rather than string them along for an entire day.


If you are having a crappy day take a minute to vent it out then let it go.  Stressing over all those things this morning isn’t going to change them – you can’t unring the bell.


But what you can do is call a do-over and look forward to the rest of your day.  It is your choice.


This evening I will be meeting up with some old friends and hopefully be able to work with someone on getting some carpet installed.  It will be great to see friends and awesome to get something off my checklist.


I’m calling mulligan on my day – because I can!



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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