Start Wanting What You Have

Luke and his toys (2)For some reason we seem to be stuck in a world of comparison.  We compare where we think we should be based on someone else.  “I would be happy if I had what they had” type mentality.  Never mind what we already have, we want theirs.


This thought struck me when I was watching my pups play.  I have two male dogs about 3 and 4 years old a Lab/Boxer mix and a Pit/Basset mix – Luke and Bandit.  Side note for all the animal owners – they came to me pre-named so no, I have no reason for naming them those names.


They had discovered two tennis balls that had been tucked away and were overwhelmed with joy in rediscovering these “new” toys.  All was bliss and happiness when they each first grabbed one.


Then it began.  The “I want what you have” game.  One would be happily chewing on his toy and the other would just stare at him, waiting for the toy to roll away so he could pounce on it despite having the exact same toy right in front of him all to his own.


This went on for quite some time.  There is no reasoning with this.  You could try to tell Luke that he has the exact same toy as Bandit but he would just give you that look like, “I know his is better, I want it.” Dogs don’t reason.


For some reason, we get in that same mentality.


In searching for a job we think that if we had the same type of opportunities that someone else has then we would be successful, we would be happy.


We stop looking at what is right in front of us and the possibilities that might exist within those and long for something else.


When you approach it in this way all you are doing is trading one slobbery slightly gnawed on tennis ball for another.


With the New Year approaching many are going to be tempted to make out their resolutions and on top of that list might just be to get a new or better job.  Before you put that down, take a moment to evaluate your current opportunity.


Is it possible that there are opportunities there that you have not identified, rather looked over because you have slobber toy envy?  Is it possible that if you approached your existing situation with the same enthusiasm and positive expectations that you would be able to see it as the right “next” move for you?


As soon as I started playing with Luke and his discarded toy he immediately perked up and decided he really, really wanted that toy.  Then a funny thing happened, Bandit decided he no longer wanted his toy, instead he wanted Luke’s because obviously it was better because Luke was enjoying it much more than he was.


It isn’t the toy or the job – it is the attitude.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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