Stop Assuming

Dunce CapI think the phrase “Don’t assume it makes an ass out of u and me” was meant to help remember the spelling, but it also hold a pretty valid point.


Making determinations which lead to actions based on assumptions are normally not a good idea.  That’s because we are naturally inclined to lean toward the negative assumption.


I’m sure I didn’t get the job.

I’m sure they are not interested.

I’m sure they are looking for more than what I have to offer.

I’m sure I won’t get it so why try.


What is amazing to me is assumptions normally start with “I am sure…”  How can you be sure – you are assuming!


You don’t have all the facts, you have what you think, but you don’t really know unless – here’s a novel thought – you ask.


Now in job searching you cannot always just be so blunt and say, “So are you going to hire me or what?”


But you can open the lines of communication and continue to keep them open.  Ask questions, not just about you but about them.  When are they looking to fill the position, what are the most important qualities they are looking for in the next candidate, where does the department or company want to go in the next 1, 3 or 5 years and so on.


Ask the questions, don’t just assume.  Your assumptions are excuses for your fear to talk you out of going for an opportunity.


Yes, fear drives assumptions.  I’m afraid and therefore I am going to come up with an excuse to talk myself out of potential failure, pain or looking like a fool.  I’ve already covered the fool part in yesterday’s blog.


I still make assumptions and that is when I have a wonderful best friend who gently reminds me that I am doing so and points out that I do not have all the information; perhaps the words and deeds are not matching so it is causing confusion and therefore I am trying to fill in the blanks.


I love her to death but some days I really just want to smack her.  It is more comfortable in my assumptions.


Don’t always go by the actions, they can be misleading.


Remember, you have a stake in this – if it is important to you than you owe it to yourself to find out.


If you are not willing to open those lines of communication than stop whining, it really isn’t that important after all then, is it?


Isn’t it better to know for sure rather than walk away with that nagging little thought behind all those assumptions, “yes, but what if they are….”



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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  1. “Ask the questions, don’t just assume. Your assumptions are excuses for your fear to talk you out of going for an opportunity.”
    I love this quote and fully agree. I, as well as the majority of my friends, are guilty of not asking questions out of fear. It is something everyone must hear and understand!
    check out our career blog!

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